The Holiday season, especially around the Christmas period, is one of the best times of the year. The children are on school holidays or university break. The company you work for or your business may decide to close for a few weeks. Regardless of your personal circumstance, you deserve to enjoy a stress-free break.

It is a break away from the hustle and bustle of work; a time when you can unwind, put your feet up and relax. In some cases, people may decide on an adrenalin adventure.

Whatever your choice will be, the festive season is about having fun.

In recent news articles, headlines discuss the overall decrease in crime figure in some areas of Melbourne thanks to the wonderful work of our law enforcement agencies.

However, the latest crime figures reveal, residential aggravated robberies have increased.

Wherever you live, unfortunately, the reality is that robberies during the holiday season are generally higher than at any time of the year. This is because thieves have a general understanding that a large number of people will be away from their houses or businesses to enjoy their time off. It is an opportunity to break into premises with little or no resistance. Knowing that, in or around Christmas, there are generally new presents at the houses by loving family and friends.

Before you leave your business and homes to start your well deserved Christmas/New Year holidays, make sure the valuables you are leaving behind are well protected.

Here are some tips and reminders to protect your home

1) Lock up all windows and doors.

This is the easiest and most obvious step to take. Unfortunately, in the rush to beat the holiday traffic, this is a task easily missed. Some robbers find easy passage through windows.

2) Leave a light on at night.

Passing by a house or business and seeing a light on would usually mean someone is inside. This is a simple, yet effective method, and an inexpensive security measure.

3) Have a family member or a neighbour you trust to check up on the premises once in a while.

Everybody needs good neighbours. A family member or friend who lives close can check on the house once in a while is also an effective and inexpensive measure.

4) Have someone collect any mail in your mailbox during your time away.

A mailbox full of letters or junk mail is usually a sign nobody has been home to check on the mail. Keeping your mailbox empty will have the house a “lived in” look.

5) Insurance

May this be a timely reminder to not only adequately insure your businesses, but to also make sure your homes and cars are properly insured.

Joel Reyes is a partner at Reliance Partners Insurance Brokers. If you have specific questions related to this article, call Joel on 0438 299 289 or email


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