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Alba Iulia
Tuesday, July 14, 2020


We should all be teachers

We should all be teachers. In 2013, Tim Minchin, an Australian composer, singer, comedian, actor and a man who has won awards than you could shake a stick at, gave an address at the...

6 ways to brighten up your backyard this winter

It may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean we should be hiding inside. Clear skies, sunny days and no sticky summer heat means winter can be the perfect time to get into the garden.

Finding the sacred in isolation

I am writing this towards my tenth week in isolation, brought on by the coronavirus. This amount of time varies for many of us, some who are immuno compromised have very wisely gone into lockdown within their...

5 little things you can do to support sustainability in Australia

As it stands, Australia is responsible for about 5% of the world’s emissions.  On an individual level, Australians have the highest total emissions per capita, alongside the U.S and Canada, at 17 tonnes. 

How to find the perfect property

Finding the perfect home in Australia is about more than just natural light and the number of bedrooms. From extreme weather variations to accessibility, there is an undeniably extensive range of factors to consider when looking for...

Your guide to turning a new house into a home

When you’re looking for a place to call home there are plenty of things on your mind. Where should we live? What can we afford? Is it worth the hassle of moving? And even deeper questions...

Thoughts in isolation

Is it really true we are approaching our seventh week in isolation? From a crisis that created so much concern about global health and effects of the novel coronavirus on health systems, the...

Bayanihan crucial for Pinoy families in lockdown

The coronavirus has had an enormous impact on the 104-million strong Filipinos with many of the citizens under ‘enhanced community quarantine’ featuring business closures and severe restrictions on movement, including checkpoints and the suspension of public transport. 

6 basic first aid skills every Australian resident should have in 2020

Only 5% of Australians have some form of first aid training. This places Australia among the lowest first aid-savvy countries in the world. This statistic is worrying when you think about the lives that...

Love hurts

“You always hurt the one you love, the one you should not hurt at all”. This is the opening of the song Hurt, a song popularised by Timi Yuro, a soul singer of the 60s era. 
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Latest News

A true survivor – Michael Rojales’ 72-day battle against COVID in Melbourne

A Filipino family from Berwick has been devastated by the COVID-19 since late March, where three family...
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FILCCA National Conference postponed until October 2021

In consultation with State Councils, the FILCCA Executive have formally postponed the National Conference until October 2021 in response to the current...

Filipinos in Melbourne share their experiences returning to lockdown

Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire have returned to Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions as a result of an increasing number COVID-19...

Our lives as Filipino-Australians may never be the same again

The onset of the pandemic early this year has been reshaping the landscape of the world as we know it. As businesses...

Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire return to lockdown

By Philip Russo, Monash University and Brett Mitchell, University of Newcastle Metropolitan Melbourne and the shire of Mitchell will...