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Love, Lies, and Loss: Inside the Enigma of an Influencer’s Disappearance

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Dax Carnay’s new work, Transwoman Kills Influencer, premieres at La Mama Courthouse on 27 Jan as part of next year’s Midsumma Festival. It’s a thrilling murder mystery about a missing men’s rights influencer, an overzealous corpo, a drag queen, and a transwoman trying to market reusable menstrual cups! Emmanuelle Mattana of Trophy Boys fame directs. The play runs from 27 January to 4 February 2024.

The Allure of Dax Carnay’s Work

Prepare to be spellbound the second time around with the charm of Dax Carnay, writer-actrx, who will astonish the Midsumma Festival audience once again with their newest theatrical marvel, “Transwoman Kills Influencer”.

Blending Theatre and Multimedia

All geared for 2024, Dax plots an enticing fusion of theatre and multimedia, a gripping production helmed by Emmanuelle Mattana’s brilliant direction. This immersive experience is poised to plunge spectators into a riveting mystery that questions the very essence of morality and reality.

The TayoTayo Collective

Presenting this show is TayoTayo Collective, a multi-cultural visionary production founded by Carnay after “The Six Guys”, a critically acclaimed and sold-out stand-up and situational comedy play during the 2023 Midsumma Festival.

Plot Overview: Unraveling the Mystery

What to Expect: A Mysterious Disappearance Unravels

At the centre of the intrigue is the disappearance of renowned pro-man advocate, Alejandro Mate. The labyrinthine tale leads back to his alleged paramour, Denise Catacutan, a prominent trans businesswoman and LGBTQIA+ advocate. The narrative unfolds through key figures’ perspectives: Bryle, Denise’s assistant and a dazzling drag queen; Jen, Denise’s estranged friend and colleague; and the enigmatic Ms. Catacutan herself.

Narrative Technique and Audience Engagement

Subverting the Rashomon Effect, the narrative of “Transwoman Kills Influencer” artfully reveals a deeper complexity, peeling back layers of the seemingly straightforward story. The play will challenge viewers to grapple with their own biases as they navigate the multifaceted dimensions of the truth. The play dares its audience to scrutinise evidence, encouraging a more profound exploration beyond the façade.

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Praise for Dax Carnay

“There is always a tight-rope walked between self-deprecation and reinforcing internalised phobias. Carnay plays in this space with charisma and ease, accessibly down to earth without ever disempowering themselves.” -theatretravels.org

Meet the Creative Minds

About the Writer-Performer

Dax Carnay (They/Them), known for their versatile roles in the University of the Philippines Repertory Company and their recent Australian ventures, including “Ken’s Quest” and “Flat White,” and “The Six Guys: an Immigrant Trans Person of Colour will Date in Melbourne” brings a wealth of experience and talent to this thought-provoking narrative. Dax honed their craft with a one year screen acting at the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and Screen Acting Intensive with TAFTA.

About the Director

Emmanuelle Mattana (She/They) navigates storytelling with their visionary direction across screen to stage. Their role spans from debut play, “Trophy Boys,” which drew sold-out crowds at La Mama’s Explorations Season and returned for another successful run at FortyFiveDownstairs during the early months of 2023 to the acclaimed International Emmy nominated tween series “Mustangs FC”. Their dedication to crafting narratives that blend playful elements with meaningful social commentary has earned recognition, including nominations for the Queer Playwriting Award 2022 by the Midsumma Presents program and the prestigious Equity Foundation Scholarship at the revered Atlantic Acting School in New York.

Important Viewer Information

Content Warnings: Violence, Hate Speech, Haze, Strobe, Blood

Production Details

Written By Dax Carnay Directed by Emmanuelle Mattana Performed by Dax Carnay, Khema De Silva, Vateresio Tuikaba and Ryan Henry Stage Direction by Finn McLeish Produced by Justine Javier Long Dramaturgy by Bradford Elmore Creative Consultation by Angelica Ignacio Marketing and PR by Sheila Faulmino Lighting Design by Lara Gabor and Chiara Wenban Set and Costume Design by Filipe Filihia Sound Design by Owen Kelly Graphic Design by Jordan Hanrahan Image by Darren Gill

Support and Engagement

Support and show some love to Transwoman Kills Influencer and learn more: Instagram | Facebook | Website

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