Makati Business Club members still prefer Aquino, Roxas


Majority of the members of the Makati Business Club (MBC) continue to prefer Senators Benigno Aquino III and Manuel Roxas II over the other candidates as the next president and vice president of the Philippines, respectively. This was the finding of the MBC’s recent follow-up survey to the MBC Presidential/Vice Presidential Preference Survey for the May 2010 elections first conducted in December 2009. Between the first and the follow-up survey, the MBC organized a Presidential Candidates Series that had the leading presidential candidates as guest speakers.

The survey results are as follows:

For President April 2010 December 2009

AQUINO, Noynoy 65% 61%
TEODORO, Gibo 14% 14%
VILLAR, Manny 9% 7%
GORDON, Dick 6% 3%
ESTRADA, Erap 1% 1%
PERLAS, Nick 1% 0%
VILLANUEVA, Bro. Eddie 1% 0%
No Answer/Undecided 3% 14%

For Vice-President April 2010 December 2009

ROXAS, Mar 79% 78%
FERNANDO, BF 12% 10%
LEGARDA, Loren 3% 3%
BINAY, Jojo 2% 1%
YASAY, Kidlat 1% 0%
MANZANO, Edu 0% 1%
CHIPECO, Jun 0% 0%
SONZA, Jay 0% 0%
No Answer/Undecided 4% 7%

Note: Totals may exceed 100% due to rounding off.

Around 15% of MBC’s total membership participated in the mailed follow-up survey carried out from April 5 to 21, 2010. Around 83% of the respondents are Filipinos, while 7% are foreign nationals. Close to 10% of the remaining respondents failed to indicate their nationality. The proportion of undecided respondents significantly dropped to 3% in the new survey from 14% in the December 2009 survey. The survey has a margin of error of around 4%.


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