Mary Ann Van Der Horst debuts regional Victoria tour in Geelong

Mary Ann Van Der Horst

Fil-Oz pop diva Mary Ann Vanderhorst began touring regional Victoria, launching her debut concert at The Chapel on Little Ryrie in Geelong on 26 August.

The event showcased the amazing voice and entertaining skills of Mary Ann who performed a variety of favourite classics, modern pop and disco songs, as well as a couple of her originals. The night started with a few slow, romantic songs highlighting Mary Ann’s powerful voice, vocal range and unique style. And when Mary Ann pumped it up with fast and disco music, the crowd got on their feet and danced the night away!

Connecting with the audience is the greatest challenge for an artist; as always, it was never a problem with Mary Ann. With her charm, fun-spirit and down-to-earth character, Mary Ann is indeed pure energy, genuine talent and the ultimate, impeccable performer on stage.

Mary Ann Van Der Horst in Geelong.
Mary Ann Van Der Horst in Geelong concert.

Supporting Mary Ann in her first regional concert were two amazing artists – Austin Mesoga, a young Geelong talent who performed cover songs as well as an original, mesmerising the crowd with his cool, suave voice and Earl Armstrong, who performed wonders with his acoustic guitar and together with Mary Ann, transformed the night into a fun, memorable one.

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For her final song, Mary Ann performed Beyonce’s “Halo”, the song that launched her musical career and which has gone viral with a million views on Youtube.

Mary Ann is one of the amazing artists who represented Australia to the recently held World Championships for Performing Arts in California and was awarded Senior Champion of the World (Vocal Pop), Gold Medal for Vocal Pop Category and Silver Medal for Vocal Open and Original Works. Her original single “Paradise” also won Best Pop Music in the Akademia Awards in Hollywood.

Next stop for her regional tour is Ballarat, to be held on 11 November at the Miner’s Tavern, 120 Lydiard Street, North Ballarat Central. For tickets, contact Alma Lapina 0434 991 086 or Imelda 0418 956 493.