Migrante Australia remembers the 32nd anniversary of the EDSA people’s uprising with a sense of déjà vu.

We remember this day by joining forces with the real heroes of EDSA – the Filipino people – whose collective strength, determination and militant action toppled the then US-Marcos dictatorship.

We remember this day with a sense of urgency as we link arms and muster our collective strength as a nation to fight against the rising tide of dictatorship, helmed by the anti-people, tyrant- incarnate himself, President Duterte.

Under his watch, human rights violations are ever worsening, his fondness for wars – the “war on drugs” aka “war on the poor”, the “war on women”, the “all-out war” in the countryside and the urban areas, the continuing Martial Law in Marawi that can easily be imposed nationwide (just like the good old days of Marcos) ever escalating.

Under his watch, the impunity of attacks and atrocities committed on activists, journalists, the indigenous peoples, political opponents and ordinary people remain unchecked.

Under his watch, the moves to amend the Philippine Constitution to pave the way for another dictatorship is relentless and shameless.

Under his watch, the opportunity to achieve just and lasting peace for the Philippines has gone wasted after peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines was arbitrarily cancelled by the Philippine government.

For overseas migrant Filipino workers, President Duterte is their worst nightmare for under his watch, he has failed to keep his promise to protect the lives of OFWs. There is still no let up to the ever-increasing number of brutal killings and executions perpetrated against OFWs in their host countries under Duterte’s watch.

Tyrant exemplar, yes that’s who President Duterte is, a human rights violator, death penalty advocate, macho-fascist rolled into one.

President Duterte should know that those who follow Marcos’ footsteps will not be treated kindly by the Filipino people. The EDSA people’s uprising is a reminder that a dictatorship will never be tolerated by the Filipino people.

Dictators will fall, President Duterte. No to tyranny! No to another dictatorship!

Migrante Australia
25 February 2018

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