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All you need to know about overseas voting

As the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne prepares for the registration of overseas voters for the May 9, 2022 Philippine national elections, we thought...

Citizenship law: The child of a Filipino is a Filipino, regardless of place of birth

In the course of our consular work, we frequently encounter passport applicants tagging along their minor children, either of mixed race or full Filipino...

“SPA,” “red ribbon,” “apostille,” and how to consularise those documents

It is not uncommon for us at the Consulate to be asked questions like, “Sa inyo po ba kumukuha ng SPA?” or “Papaano po...

Bouncing back from the pandemic: A gender perspective

A year ago on the 8th of March, the big news stories that hugged the headlines in Victoria were all about the outbreak of...

Did Facebook overstep the bounds of its market power?

Today is the second day since Facebook has followed through on its threat to ban news on its Australian platform and this includes the...

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