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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Over $1.3 billion is sent back to the Philippines each year

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With so many Filipinos living in Australia, it is not surprising that we send over $1.3 billion to the Philippines each year, this is according to the Pew Research Center

With such a staggering sum of money being transferred annually, supporting families back home comes at a cost as Filipinos are charged high fees and unfavourable exchange rates. Tackling this is Skrill Money Transfer. Thanks to Skrill, now you can send money for free, meaning there is no fee or commission of any kind when you send money from Australia to the Philippines.  

Skrill Money Transfer is committed to ensuring that the transfers made using their service are the most competitive possible, and do not cost a penny. They even offer one of the best exchange rates around. You may wonder why Skrill would go to these lengths for customers? Skrill believes that the Pinoys shouldn’t be getting overcharged to send money to loved ones. Their aim is to become the go-to money transfer service for the Australia-based Filipino community. Placing the power back in the hands of their customers, Skrill allows users to send money through their website and a mobile app to offer maximum convenience. Both are available 24 hours a day and can be accessed at home, at work and on the go. Pinoys customers also have the opportunity to deposit funds directly into the recipient’s bank account instead of a cash pick up. This is not only much safer with the pandemic raging on. Another option of transfers offered by Skrill is the ever popular GCash mobile wallet. Funds sent from Australia can be delivered safely to GCash mobile wallet in a matter of hours. 

Take Aldrick for example. He works as an accountant by day. Aldrick’s career enables him to send money back to the Philippines to help friends and family. “Being able to help loved ones out back in the Philippines is something I’m happy to do. It can, however, be difficult when money transfer services charge such high fees and offer such low exchange rates in return. I am worried about the pandemic and avoid sending money in cash.”

Things changed when Aldrick discovered Skrill Money Transfer. Working in proud partnership with Filipino banks, Skrill is able to provide a platform in which Aldrick is able to help those at home.

When asked, Aldrick said:

“Now that I have discovered Skrill Money Transfer, I’m able to ensure every bit of money sent to my friends and family is reaching them and not being lost to premium fees and poor exchange rates. The convenience of the mobile app allows me to make transfers from the safety of my home too!”

Skrill Money Transfer is a service offered by Paysafe Group, which is a recognised global organisation and in operations for over 20 years. Having hundreds of thousands of customers Paysafe is proud of being rated ‘excellent’ on TrustPilot, an independent customer reviews platform. 
So, what are you waiting for? Why put up with being overcharged by banks and other providers. Join the money transfer revolution and stop paying fees for your remittances to the Philippines. Sign up for Skrill Money Transfer today.

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