Boracay, paradise lost


Boracay. It’s all about the sun, sand, and the sea—and the tribe tourists and businesses took the paradise away from.

Before the island became the top summer destination and was declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by foreigners and locals alike, it was home to the peaceful, nomadic Atis who freely roamed Boracay and enjoyed the bounty that the island offered.

Now, the influx of establishments and outsiders threaten to evict them from the land that was originally theirs.

A rude awakening
The 49-year-old Ati chieftain, Delsa Supitran Husto, reminisces of a time when she and her fellow tribespeople had Boracay to themselves. At that time, the tribe’s homes extended far beyond their houses’ walls: the whole island was the very home where they ate, slept, and made love, surrounded by the vast expanse of azure skies and cerulean seas.

However, the Atis soon discovered that they were not alone.

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