By Richard Ford

NSW—The official inauguration of the Philippine Australian Arts, Culture and Innovation Central 2 by NARRA Co-operative Ltd and Plaza Filipino Inc. was held on 15 September 2017 at the ACI Central 2 Artisan Building, 3-9 Warby Street, Campbelltown.

The event began with the official cutting of the ribbon by Councillor Rey Manoto and president of NARRA Co-op Ltd Dr. Jimmy Lopez. Fr Ferdinand de la Cruz blessed ACI Central 2 and emphasised the future contributions it will bring in helping the community to learn more about the Filipino culture and history. Councillor Rey Manato gave the opening speech on behalf of the Mayor of Campbelltown, Councillor George Brticevic. The Mayor’s remarks were in essence, “I congratulate ACI on the contribution they have made to the Campbelltown Community and that through your new additional premises, you will help the community learn more about the Filipino people and their culture.”

The unveiling of the Plaque of Legacy Supporters was done by Consul Marford Angeles and Councillor Masood Chowdbury. The Philippine Consul Marford Angeles was very emotional when he stated how he will miss the warmth and camaraderie he has experienced at the time he has been Consul, that the ACI reminds him so much of home, because he feels at home as if he was among Filipino friends.

The evening’s emcee was Charles Chan who continued with giving out two appreciation awards for the night. The first was the presentation of the Legacy Supporters of ACI, followed by the appreciation of the grandparents for their contribution towards the family unit.

Dr. Jimmy Lopez also expressed his thanks to all who contributed to the Tribute to Mothers and Fathers 2017, which was held on 3 September at The Dome, Burwood RSL Club. This event was titled “Audrey and Elvis: A Tribute to Mothers and Fathers 2017”, also a part of the Marcus and Michelle Show, which was presented on the night as a surprise to all the members and guests to celebrate the annual event.

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