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Philippine Fiesta Beauty Quest is on

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Alice Nicolas
Alice Gregorio Nicolas is the publisher of The Philippine Times.

Vicky Povoski and Carmencita Ojales, mother of Philippine-based actress Ann Curtis. Vicky Povoski and Carmencita Ojales, mother of Philippine-based actress Ann Curtis.

Choy Symes

Why we are still running the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria Beauty Quest Pageant? We still run it because we believe that it is part of our culture here in Melbourne. Back in the Philippines, a fiesta is not complete without the beauty pageant and Beauty Queens and we inherit and practice that tradition here in Melbourne because we are proud of it. For me it is a celebration of Pinay Beauties.

Some people are questioning why we are still in the Beauty Quest and the reason is very simple because we have the fashion to keep it going and we want to give something back to our community to help raise funds for the maintenance of the Philippine Fiesta Community Centre in Laverton. It is an unpaid voluntary work but we are proud to help.
We are fortunate that we still have people with fashion sense who are still eager to join the pageant and believe in our cause. In return as a Beauty Quest Chairperson, I believe that it is very important to extend an offer of support to all the candidates or any assistance aimed at helping the candidates to progress forward and gain confidence and hoping one day they will also have the fashion to run the Beauty Quest pageant when they are ready.
Our Miss Philippine Fiesta of Victoria and Charity 2014 candidates are Juliet Clifford of Albion, Carla Colon of Doreen, Vera Salvo of Delahey, Hannah Miguel of Waterways and Shiela Robins of Derrimut. Candidates for the Mrs Philippine Fiesta of Victoria and Charity 2014 are Susan Villarmino of Melton, Emelita Gerella of Geelong, Jennifer Valdez of Wyndham Vale and Analisa Moore of Waterways.

We try our best to showcase a colourful and amazing presentation night of the Beauty Quest candidates because we are hoping that in our own simple way we can showcase our own Filipino Ethnic culture so our fellow kababayans and other guests will appreciate our own Filipino culture. The presentation of Philippine Fiesta of Victoria Inc. Beauty Quest and Charity 2014 candidates was held last 23 August 23 at the Grandstar Receptions in Altona.

The candidates sashayed in their fabulous Filipino Ethnic costume followed by a traditional Singkil dance by the Share Me A Dream dance group. The candidates then introduced themselves in their fabulous long evening gowns sponsored by Vicky Popovski of Vicoola Fashionista. All the positive comments were so overwhelming and made us the Beauty Quest Committee and the candidates so proud of what we put together on the Kultural Night.

So expect another exciting Coronation Night on 19 December 19 2014 at the Millennium Receptions in Sunshine.

Congratulations to our Most Guest Winners, Hannah Miguel and Emelita Gerella. Thank you to our Board of Judges, Glen Thunder of South Yarra Hairdressing Salon, Vicky Popovski of Vicoola Fashionista, Mary Ann Van Der Horst X factor Youtube sensation, Miriam Baloyo, Peachy Limpin, and Ms Galen Sharma, Sales and Marketing operations of Avida Land Corporation.

I would like to say thank you to all the candidates, their families, entire guests, hardworking Beauty Quest committee members Terry Kane, Felina Fyfe, Lehi Reyes, Rose Crupi, Haydee Crupi and Sarah Symes. To all our dancers Sarah Symes, Barry Fyfe, Ken Edralin, Lehi Reyes, Rona and Kuya Jimmy. Our emcees Haydee Crupi and Marvin Sabang who did a fantastic job, to our sponsors, Western Union, Avida Land Corporation, Vicky Popovski of Vicoola Fashionista our exclusive gown sponsor, Hector Calara, Filipino Camera Club of Victoria, Share Me A Dream and Mutya ng Australia for contributing to the success of the Kultural Night.

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