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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Pinoy Grocery ‘Suki Kart’ Now Open in Hornsby Kuring-gai Area

After the success of their Australia-wide online delivery service, Suki Kart has opened their first physical store.

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Jinky Marsh
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Online Filipino Grocery Suki Kart has officially opened its physical store in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. Its opening in the Hornsby Central Business District achieved the initial plan of husband and wife team Marvin and Jinky Aquino to serve the growing Filipino community in the area through a physical establishment.

Marvin and Jinky immigrated to Australia in 2014. Their two boys were born here but both ensure that their children embrace both the Australian and Filipino cultures. Their first-born speaks English and Tagalog fluently and few words of dialects such as Bisaya, Kapampangan and Ilocano. Both children enjoy eating Sinigang and Adobo.

At the height of pandemic in 2020 and realising that Filipino groceries have minimal online presence, the passion, creativity, entrepreneurial and accounting skills of the Aquinos led to the formation of the online business platform of Suki Kart.  Having both online and physical store now available for consumers, convenience, accessibility to wider range of products and first hand customer service are maximised.

The Philippine Times (TPT) is pleased to share the insights of Marvin and Jinky Aquino (M and J) on the establishment of Suki Kart. 

Meeting for the first time Suki Kart’s No. 1 Suki online Hazel Coloma Lim
Meeting for the first time Suki Kart’s No. 1 Suki online Hazel Coloma Lim

TPT: What is the vision of Suki Kart?

M and J: The vision of Suki Kart is that our Filipino products are promoted and used by everyone and also our culture and heritage are known. We want ingredients for cooking and dishes are made available in Australian households.

TPT: Why did you choose the Hornsby Kuring-gai area to establish your first Suki Kart store?

M and J: Consumer demand in Hornsby is great with growing Filipino population and community. It is a hub for Central Coast towards Newcastle and also the Northern Beaches area. Hornsby is an entry point to the north of Sydney.

TPT: What message can you impart to our kababayans with the establishment of Suki Kart? 

M and J: We make Filipino products available also for regional areas. We have quick and select if one has fear of COVID-19 to go out of their homes. Our website is fully equipped. The needs of consumers have changed due to pandemic and we are here to help. 

TPT: Since Suki Kart is a family business, what message can you also impart to Filipino-Australian families in terms of family and business values?

M and J: Having a young family is not a hindrance to building a business. Just go for it. There is no need to wait. Failure only comes in not trying. There is no perfect timing. Timing is now. We are blessed with a support group. Success comes from teamwork and having a support system from family, friends and the Filipino community. If you have a passion, go for it. We are also Christians who go to worship services. We have outlet for stress. Worrying does not help. It is important to have a 
good mind set. If you think you will fail, you will fail. If you think you can not, you will not be able to do it.

Suki Kart is located at 512/1C Burdett St, Hornsby NSW 2077 and contactable via their website at Suki Kart – Your Online Filipino Grocery.

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