Pinoy in deep slumber: Who are you?


Pinoy in deep slumber

Money can buy bed, but not sleep. A candid photo like this leaves a mark and hits your heart in a positive way. When people say here in Australia go to sleep apnea sessions to cure their sleeping problems, think about this guy. When we are so worried about the material things in the world, here is a guy who should remind us that these things are not important. When we do our daily grind going to work, finishing house chores, attending parties, shopping and not minding the importance of quality time, then this relaxed mood should tell us to slow down and smell the flowers.

This photo was taken by Canada-based Anthony Arindaeng of Manuel Roxas High School, Philippines, April 2010. This caught his attention while visiting his alma mater. “Simple yet comfortable life,” he says on his Facebook comment admitting a bit of envy.

Pardon to you, sweet stranger. We will just ask Pau Linament to sponsor your modelling contract 🙂 But thanks for teaching us to appreciate more our blessings.

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