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Pinoy nursing group awarded by Australia-ASEAN Council with a seed grant to address impacts of COVID-19

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SYDNEY – Filipino Nursing Diaspora (FiND) Network was awarded with a $48,000 grant from the Australia-ASEAN Council to address short and long-term impacts of the current pandemic to the Philippines health system, through FiND’s HealthCOVE Project. 

The president of FiND Network, Prof. Violeta Lopez, termed the grant “a testament to the efforts and the potential that the Network has displayed since its inception”.

The one-year funding will enable FiND Network through its HealthCOVE Project to implement a transformative approach by identifying needs of local government units, providing general education and specific mentoring as well as by creating points of connection between local universities and local public health units.

“We are grateful for the support of the Australian government and look forward to partnering with them,” said Jerome Babate, secretariat director of FiND Network.

HealthCOVE Project will foster interdisciplinary collaboration, cross-cultural linkages and capability building by supporting selected local health units and partner universities in terms of health leadership, innovation and research using online and virtual tools.

“We commend Australia-ASEAN Council for supporting this bilateral initiative despite these challenging times. Their support will enable the Network to develop sustainable partnerships with and amongst local government units and universities to address future pandemics,” says Dr Joemer Maravilla, HealthCOVE Project Manager. “We look forward to having a long-term partnership with the Australia-ASEAN Council to implement pandemic recovery strategies which will build resilience at micro and macro levels.”

For further information, please contact via: healthcoveproject@findnetwork.org

About the Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network 

Based in Sydney, the Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network is a professional organisation serving the Filipino nurses who are working and living outside of the Philippines. The Network’s vision is to enhance the role and value of the Filipino nurses across the globe. 

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