ACT—Filipino food restaurant Lolo and Lola’s, which has only been opened for approximately half a year, has just won the prestigious “Best Casual Dining Award” for the whole of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) region. This is bestowed on Lolo and Lola’s by the OUTINCANBERRA People’s Choice Awards organisation, which has provided Canberra’s first and longest standing digital guide to the nation’s capital dining, lifestyle and entertainment news. It has emerged as the number 1 reference point/hub for ‘what’s on’ and ‘where to go’ in Canberra.

There were hundreds of restaurants that they were competing with and they came out on top, and justifiably so. Since Lolo and Lola’s Restaurant first opened its doors in the inner-north leafy suburb of Watson, near the major television studios and the world-famous Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), the shopping centre neighbourhood has received a major extra buzz along with the great wafting smell of genuine traditional Filipino food cooked to a five-star standard by five-star experienced and qualified chefs.

Radyo Filipino Australia has witnessed week after week that Lolo and Lola’s, which has an approximate capacity of 100 patrons inside and outside, has been not only full after just 20 minutes of opening, but has had long lines of people waiting to get in, sometimes up to another 50. This has continued on throughout the whole day for almost every day they are open.

The other businesses in the Watson place shopping complex are happy for Lolo and Lola’s Restaurant because they have brought a major infusion of overflow foot traffic to their businesses.

Almost every Filipino in the whole ACT region and beyond into the New South Wales (NSW) surrounding Capital Country region has visited Lolo and Lola’s.  On Lolo and Lola’s Facebook page they already have close to 5,000 followers. There are very active ones who make regular comments on their site. In addition to this, RFA is aware of many people making the drive from nearby major capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra also receives many international visitors who hear about Lolo and Lola’s restaurant and visit it while they are in the city.

RFA is proud of Lola and Lola’s achievements. It is a well-respected business with a great reputation within the community, has genuine happy, friendly and professional owners and staff, and most of all it has one of the widest varieties of the best traditional Filipino food on a rotating menu anywhere within Australia, and possibly also anywhere within the Philippines as well. After all, the chefs learnt their skills at some of the best cuisine learning institutions and workplaces in the Philippines, including also working at five-star hotels around Australia, including Perth and Melbourne.


(Editor’s note: Lolo and Lola’s is located at 3 Watson Place, Watson ACT.)


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