By Benjie De Ubago

He came. He sang. He conquered! Jun Polistico performed to a packed audience in Sydney treating his audience to the good ol’ classics of yesteryears. For baby boomers, it was a trip down nostalgia lane. Every song he belted out oozed with emotion; every note as caressing as the last.

In addition to belting out the favourite ballads, Jun Polistico included a twist of comedy with his Vegas impersonations of big name stars from Mathis, Sinatra, and Elvis.

Ever enduring, Polistico proved he was an all-round entertainer and that he deserved the title “The golden voice” and the Philippines’ best.

Adjectives flowed in with “fabulous”, “amazing”, “awesome”! Non-Filipinos in the audience had nothing but praise. “He was excellent!” they exclaimed! Everyone was simply clamouring for “more”. In these ever-changing times, Polistico proved to be ageless and timeless.

The Sydney show was supported in Sydney by the vivacious Nanette Ursua-Frohriep, the mellow Lalaine Lozano and the ever versatile, Gina Fernandez, along with the Baile Internacionale Dancers and Eugene Benitez.

The Melbourne show was supported by Rachel Dizon Livori, Ralf Fernandez and Jehscy Sotelo.

Jun Polistico was brought into Australia by Handog Pinoy, the producers who believed in showcasing an entertainer whom Filipinos could truly be proud of. Not only did the producers prove they could come up with a quality show while respecting the talents who performed in the show. They proved that it could be done. Mr Polistico exclaimed “They were the best team of producers we’ve ever worked with. It was smooth from the word ‘go’.

Jun Polistico with organisers of his concert in Sydney

The show was sponsored by Philippine Air Lines, Western Union and MegaWorld.

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