RADIANT 2014 – Honouring and inspiring women to make a difference


Radiant 2014 Artwork

By Ramil Ventus

The women of Connect City Church (CCC), collectively known as Fascinating Women, will hold its annual RADIANT Women’s Conference through a formal dinner on 19 September 2014, 6pm at the Melrose Melbourne Conference and Convention Centre in Tullamarine. This year’s theme is “Strength in Wisdom”, a quality that makes every woman shine and stand out through a period of experience and continuous learning.

This year also marks a major milestone as RADIANT enters its 12th year in its successful journey.

Started as a formal girls night out back in 2002, RADIANT has come a long way in shaping women’s inner beauty and insight through a series of gatherings, events, and community outreach activities. Originally, the women of the church, led by Pastor Maria Teresa Abadilla, held their first assembly with the purpose of giving women a break and time to mingle with each other by organising a small formal dinner that included a presentation of the Word of God. From that night sprung many other activities, including the inception of Be AGLOW (Be After God’s Loading of Wonders), Connect City Church’s (CCC) community outreach arm, and Frontline Foundation, a non-profit international aid organisation founded by Abadilla, with the help of the women of RADIANT and Connect City Church.

In every conference, RADIANT aims to honour and inspire the women so that they can make a difference in the lives of the people around them. It will be a night filled with fun, friendship, food, activities, and encouragement through inspirational teachings of the Word of God. This year’s guest speaker will be the head of Connect City Church Philippines Senior Pastor Raquel Sto Domingo, an inspirational presenter, achieved musician, esteemed lecturer of the Scripture, and a great woman of God.
“This event is not just about us women. We are blessed to be a blessing to others – our husbands, our children, our parents and our friends. Therefore, we give everyone an opportunity to be a blessing to everyone around them. And we do this through RADIANT’s series of missions”, elaborated Abadilla.

The main recipient of the 2014 RADIANT Annual Women’s Dinner is Frontline Foundation.

If you want to be part of this wonderful event, please contact Nida Tablizo at 0431 304 112 or Faye Samson at 0433 376 765. You may also visit www.connecticitychurch.org or www.frontlinefoundation.org.au.


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