Rotary Philippines says, “Thank You, Australia”


Alex Sy

The Cebuano Association of Australia hosted a luncheon on 22 November in Croydon for the visiting District Governor of Rotary Philippines- Visayan Region, Mr Edgar Chiongbian.

He visited Melbourne to say “Thank You” to the Filipino-Australian community in Victoria for their generous donations during the Typhoon Yolanda Appeal.
The Cebuano Association spearheaded one of the largest fundraising appeals, in which they managed to raise around $25,000 as well as sent 9 x 40 foot containers full of relief goods.

DG Chiongbian was in-charge of the Relief Distribution at the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, and gave his report as to how the donations and distribution of relief goods were distributed across Central Visayas, to the affected areas. He also reported that Rotary was the first organisation to be on the ground and started distributing relief goods to the victims. He said that their main focus were the remote towns, barrios and villages, whereby these victims were forgotten.

He advised that he wanted to make this report for full transparency to ensure the community is aware how the donations were spent. In his chart, it showed that Australia had the largest monetary contribution.

DG Chiongbian closed his presentation with a quote: “Service without love is not service, and love without Service, is not love”.

The luncheon was attended by members of the Cebuano Association, community leaders, sponsors and VIP Guests who helped the Association during the fundraising appeal.
The luncheon was officially opened by Ms Gigi Kalong, former Philippine Honorary Consul of Victoria, and she gave thanks to Rotary for their work and tireless efforts during the calamity. She also reminded everyone that we are all Filipinos and must stand united especially in time of crisis.

DG Chiongbian presented Ms Gigi Kalong a beautiful gift of appreciation for her help and contribution, being the then Consul during the calamity of Typhoon Yolanda.
Cebuano Association President, Mr Boy Lawa and Vice President, Mr Harold Mollaneda then presented DG Chiongbian a Plaque of Appreciation for his Leadership and being in partnership with the Cebuano Association for the relief distribution.

Photos courtesy of Al and Nelia Ciar

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