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Sending money to the Philippines is never just a transaction

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The business of sending money overseas isn’t particularly warm and fuzzy. In fact, it can be downright cold and unfeeling, but Sable Remit, a remittance company that exclusively offers money transfers from Australia to the Philippines, finds that it’s the exact opposite—at least, when it comes to its clients. 

Sending money to the Philippines

“When Filipinos send money back home, it’s never just a transaction,” says Denise Castro, Sable Remit’s product manager. “It’s a hand on someone’s shoulder, a warm embrace, an anticipation of better days ahead, a promise to see each other again.” 

Knowing what lies behind every money transfer from Australia to the Philippines is what inspired Sable Remit to create its core belief. “Para sa’yo ‘to,” roughly translated as “This one’s for you.” This belief pushes the company to do its best for its clients so that they can continue doing their best for their loved ones back home. 

When Filipinos send money back home, it’s an act of love.

“Being away from loved ones is not easy,” says Castro, whose own family is back in the Philippines, “but being able to send them something helps.”

“We want to make our service as accessible as possible, which is why our clients can simply call us via phone or send us an email. Unlike with other big foreign exchange companies, our clients can talk to an actual person and be responded to quickly, ” says Castro.

Current Sable Remit promotions

Sable Remit is currently waiving the transaction fee for the first three transfers, after which every transfer will only cost AUD3.50. 

“We also have a special promotion whereby we will top up your first transfer with $20 if you send at least $50 by November 30,” Castro says.

Here’s how sending money to the Philippines with Sable Remit works:

  1. Fill in this form
  2. You will receive an email on how to register.
  3. Once you register, you will receive an email of the requirements. Kindly reply to that email with a photo of your passport or Australian driver’s license, a selfie with your chosen ID and a recent proof of address (e.g. utility bill or bank statement)
  4. Once we receive your documents, we will activate your account and send you an email with your voucher codes valid for 3 FREE TRANSFERS. 
  5. Enjoy your first 3 transfers fee-free. Send at least $50 on your first transfer and your recipient will receive a $20 top up.

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What else does Sable Remit aim to do 

While being able to send money home securely and efficiently is important, it’s not the only thing Filipinos in Australia have to concern themselves with. “Building a life here means different things to different people,” shares Castro. To help Filipinos get settled in Australia, Sable Remit regularly publishes articles on the Sable Remit blog.

“In our own way, we want to help them feel more at home here, whether that means providing them with relevant information about sending money, migration or giving them tips on how to acclimatize to an Aussie lifestyle.” 

Contact Sable Remit today by calling (03) 8651 4505 or email info@sableremit.com. You can also message us on Facebook.

If you are looking to send money to the Philippines from Australia and want a secure, well-priced transfer company with excellent customer service and values then look no further than Sabe Remit. 

Sable Remit is a member of Sable International, an organization that provides cross-border financial and immigration services to a global community. Sable International FX Limited (company number 07070528) holds an Australian Financial Services License issued by ASIC to deal in foreign exchange (Sable International FX Pty ltd – AFS License number 335 126).

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