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Fully vaccinated Filipinos in Melbourne test positive for COVID-19

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The Philippine Times can confirm that a number of Filipino-Australians and Filipino temporary visa holders have recently tested positive for Coronavirus. Two have been vocal about their condition, even posting on social media to educate the community in general about the virus and the need to be vaccinated. A few other essential workers, on the other hand, have told us that they prefer to keep their condition private, fearing their families in Australia and in the Philippines will worry about them. While most are generally in a stable condition with minor symptoms, some continue to experience symptoms such as aches and require bed rest.

Merch Pactol Lee’s message to people who are anti-vaccination

Metch Pactol Lee, an Assistant Nurse Unit Manager in one of the health facilities in Melbourne, posted on her Facebook page that she has tested Covid positive. “Because I am fully vaccinated therefore I am protected. I have mild symptoms like no sense of smell and taste, runny nose, sneezing like bad hay fever and feeling tired,” she said.

She and her family are completing their 14-day quarantine at home. “My message to the anti-vaccine out there, go and get a jab!! Vaccine will protect you. The health system are now in a crisis because health care workers like me cannot go to work. This is a vicious cycle! We cannot resolve this problem until we follow the recommendations of the experts.”

Metch Pactol Lee
Metch plays the guitar to keep herself happy in home isolation
Metch Pactol Lee

Myla Allinas urges public to avoid crowded places

35-year-old Myla Allinas is an international student who lives in Melbourne’s western suburbs. She was fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine three months ago and did not expect that she would catch the virus so easily. “I’m not sure where I got this from but I remember we have been at Costco Docklands with heaps of people – its like Christmas with no person limits inside. For me it does not make sense because I cannot go to visit to my family and friends but I can go to Costco with 100 people inside,” she said.

On the first day of testing positive this week, she noticed her symptoms suddenly worsen. “I have a headache, body ache, shortness of breath, no taste, no smell, chest pain and all my joints very painful. I also have changing body temperatures (up and down) (hot and cold) my body temperature raised to 48 degrees but I feel so cold like -20 and I can’t stop myself chilling.”

Myla was aware that she could still catch COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. “Imagine if I haven’t got the jab, maybe I would be worse now.” she said.

She urges everyone to take extra care and to stay safe and says, “obey the governments directions like QR code sign in. Avoiding going to supermarkets or other crowded places.” Myla suggests for people to purchase groceries through Click and Collect and online delivery to avoid the crowds.

Myla Allinas
Myla Allinas

Myla received a delivery of groceries to help her through her isolation.


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