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Senior Care Products That Can Prevent Falls

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A fall can be painful and scary for many. The risk and impact of falling are higher for the elderly. In 2017, around 3.8 million Australians were of the age of 65 or above. Most of these seniors are vulnerable to falls. Even at home, the risky areas are plenty. It can be a slippery floor, wet bathroom floors, or hard bedroom floors.

How can you ensure the safety of seniors at home? You can install senior care products that prevent falls, such as a bath lift. With the help of these products, you can drive away their fear and your worry regarding their safety. Fall prevention equipment allows seniors to stay independent and on their feet.

Some of the top senior care products that help to prevent falls include:

Grab bars

Grab bars provide adequate support to seniors when navigating risky areas such as garage or apartment steps and the bathroom. You can also place grab bars around your home to prevent any falls. They are sturdy and can withstand enough weight.

Wet bathroom floors pose a higher risk of slipping and falling. By installing grab bars, the elderly can hold on to them while using the shower or toilet. You can also install them close to the bathtub. Seniors can use them while stepping in and coming out of the bathtub. Make sure that the grab bars are slip-resistant.

Bath lifts

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for seniors. It is essential to equip the place with anti-fall measures. A bath lift can lift the elderly into and from the bath. It eliminates the physical effort for seniors. Seniors suffering from arthritis or mobility issues can find it to be highly beneficial.

Bath lifts are available in multiple designs. You can easily find the right one that meets the needs of the user. Moreover, they are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort for the elderly. Seniors can now focus on enjoying their baths instead of worrying about safety.

Bed rails

Seniors may fall out of their beds during their deep sleep. Sometimes, restless sleepers may also accidentally fall over the bed’s edge. Such falls can be potentially dangerous for the elderly. To avoid this, you can install bed rails.

It keeps seniors safe when they are asleep. Moreover, it makes it easier for them to take its support to get up from bed. Make sure that the bedrails are sturdy. It allows the elderly to have a good night’s sleep without any tension of falling over.

Non-slip footwear and socks

Slippers and shoes that have anti-slip soles make an excellent fall prevention aid for seniors. Seniors may not always wear slippers at home, but they may prefer to wear socks to keep themselves warm. You can get socks that have anti-slip treads. They make sure to keep seniors safe and provide them with a better grip.

Some anti-slip slippers and socks are also compatible with bathrooms. Seniors can wear them during their showers to avoid the risk of slipping and falling. 

Anti-slip mats

You can set up anti-slip mats in any room in your house that can get slippery. These mats add more friction and make it less likely for falls to occur. They also ensure not to make seniors uncomfortable. The texture is not harsh or prickly. 

You can place anti-slip mats in the bathroom. It prevents the elderly from slipping or falling during their shower. Moreover, these mats are not very expensive. It is an affordable way to enhance the safety of the elderly. 

Seniors are more prone to falls. These accidents can cause grave injuries and excessive pain. To protect the elderly from falls, make sure to install senior care products that prevent falls. It helps to keep seniors safe and enables them to move freely without worrying about any fall accidents.

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