By Jason Cordi

Photos by Gary Haywood

Share Me A Dream, headed by Terry Kane is celebrating after a successful fundraising event held on 20th of May at Millennium Receptions in Sunshine. The Futuristic Charity Ball was organised by the committee – Terry Kane, Lina Cubelo, Gabby Gwe, Jason Cordi with the assistance of Rowena Roje, Elgen Shannon and Melody Lamanna.

The ball raised an impressive total of $8500.75. Share Me A Dream is thankful to all guests for their support including the generous sponsors, some of which donated several prizes and other entertainment packages.

Futuristic Models steal the show

The highlight of the night, the mini pageant, included 20 ladies (and trans women) who took the opportunity to be creative and showcase a range of interpretive fashion from the future. Congratulations to the five winners: Kristina Fierce (Futuristic Model Winner), Cristelle Lebanon (Futuristic Princess), Jackie Dunn (Futuristic Goddess), Jackie Pearson (Queen of the Night), Sorote Wannasaru (Face of the Night). Two winners from the audience also bagged a prize for their get up: Best in Gown, Janice Molas and Best in Costume, Sheila Chan.

From Melbourne to Bukidnon – Sharing A Dream To Over 100 Tribal Children

The right to free and accessible education is one of the basic human rights as published by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 26). In attempts to make a difference to the lives of many children, Share Me A Dream discovered the Mindanao Tribal School in the province of Bukidnon and their lack of proper solid classroom structures and facilities. Located in a remote area in central Mindanao, the school does not have access to electricity and accommodates 100 high school students across 4 grade levels. Most of the children are from the Manobo tribe and are taught by volunteer teachers. In December 2016, the school received three boxes of books from Share Me A Dream, with the support and sponsorship of EMG Enterprises.

Share Me A Dream President Terry Kane states that funds raised from the charity ball exceeded the target for a single classroom to be built. The school’s principal Datu Pandian hopes that through education, the students will improve their confidence and be able to celebrate their cultural heritage without fear of discrimination. As the charity strongly supports this cause, it aims for multiple classrooms to be built within the next year with the possibility of extra facilities such as a library and toilet.

Share Me A Dream, formed in 2011, was founded by Terry Kane and Choy Symes. The group has since evolved to include a group of young passionate individuals and assistants who are driven to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the Philippines.

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