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Workshop series for emerging Filipino community leaders

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The 125 Organizing Committee has initiated workshops to develop future leaders in the Filipino Community, focusing on improving crucial leadership skills.

This initiative follows the successful commemoration of the 125th anniversary of Philippine Independence, channelling the event’s surplus funds into a program designed to bolster event organizing, grant application writing, and public speaking abilities among emerging leaders.

The development of this initiative began in November 2023, when Consul General Maria Lourdes Salcedo, who was instrumental in the success of the Philippine Independence Day celebration events, proposed the idea. Subsequently, Lee Montajes of Motivationalee was enlisted to create a targeted training program, overcoming initial challenges to secure a lineup of skilled professionals for the workshops.

With financial stewardship ensuring the workshops consume only a portion of the celebration’s profits and with additional resources provided by the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) Melbourne, the program reflects a significant investment in the Filipino community leadership pipeline. The workshops have been designed to cover key areas vital for effective leadership and community engagement.

On April 13th, the inaugural session of the workshop series on Event Management took place. Led by industry experts Simon McCluskey and Liz Honey, participants delved into the core aspects of planning and executing successful events. The workshop emphasized practical skills such as creating efficient timelines, managing budgets, orchestrating logistics, and negotiating with vendors, equipping attendees with the tools needed for professional event management.

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Over the next two Saturdays, the workshops series will cover the following areas vital for effective leadership and community engagement:

  • Public Speaking (April 20, 2024): Fleassy Malay and Lee Montajes will provide insights into overcoming the fear of public speaking, building confidence, and crafting and delivering impactful presentations.
  • Grant Letter Writing (April 27, 2024): Donna Gross and Melba Marginson will introduce the fundamentals of grant writing, emphasizing its importance for securing funding and guiding attendees on how to identify opportunities and craft compelling proposals.
Leadership workshop series

This series of workshops represents a forward-looking effort to empower the Filipino community’s aspiring leaders, providing them with critical skills needed to lead effectively and make meaningful contributions to the community.

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