Showbiz people crisscrossing politics


Sherilyn Ramon

Apart from summer, the May Presidential Elections is also contributing to the heat in the Philippines. Someone said that “politics is showbiz for ugly people”.. I say “politics is the next step for people in showbiz”. More and more celebrities are trying to get a seat in the government and if they aren’t, they’re still dipping their toes in politics by endorsing different candidates.

One such example is Popstar Sarah Geronimo whose photos have been in various internet sites lately. Sarah who is endorsing Manny Villar for president has been photographed wearing a yellow shirt and doing a Laban sign (which represents the other presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino). This has now been cleared by Sarah’s fans as a really old picture taken while they were horsing around.

Newscaster Korina Sanchez has been booed just recently in the Tears For Fears concert held at the Araneta Coliseum. Korina and her party, were all wearing blue Mar Roxas campaign shirts were shown on the big screen doing a Laban sign. While people were shouting “more..more” for an encore, a lot of “boos” were allegedly heard at the same time. Korina has since held a press conference saying that she didn’t hear anyone shouting boo during the incident.

Lucy Torres-Gomez, wife of actor Richard Gomez, has now stepped up to take her husband’s place in a bid to win a congressional seat in Ormoc, Leyte. Richard was disqualified by COMELEC due to a lack of residency issue. Lucy, a resident of Ormoc, has now started campaigning and announced that if she wins husband Richard will work for her as Chief of Staff.

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