Tribute to Manny Geronia Asuncion

Norma Serrano
Aged Care / Centre Manager
Filipino Community Council of Vic. Inc

“Ariel Noche”, “Pabrika (Papel, Papel, Papel)”, “Mandaragat”, “Bayan Mo, Bayan Ko”, “Kahit ang Mundoy Magunaw”, “Lakambini”, “Pag-ibig, Pahimakas ng Isang Manlalakbay”, “Isang Umaga sa Bunganga ng Impyerno”, “Mabangong Takipsilim”, “Magkwento Ka”, “Taglagas ni Mang Fermin”, “Halos Isang Pag-ibig”, “Halakhak ni Bella Flores”, “Paghihintay”, “Taglamig”, “Mahaba, Mainit, Mapusok Ang Tag-init”, “Multo”, “Haring Oedipo”, “Winter Chill”, “Kesehoda”, “Autumn Sonata”, “Mga Eksena sa Airport”, “Tagsibol” and “Summer Buttreflies” … Wow! These are some of Manny Asuncion’s stage plays, screenplays, poems, short stories and translation works he has created for the love of our Filipino culture and traditions.

Whenever I watch, hear or read Manny’s works, it will always take me back to our homeland, the Philippines. Nostalgia sets in. But who really is Manny Asuncion? Manny is a teacher, a writer, a playwright, a stage director, an interpreter, a translator, a brilliant community leader, a brother and a friend all rolled into one.

Manny, your life is so interesting. Interesting enough for you to be able to write a memoir on your 70th birthday, and to celebrate this wonderful occasion with your closest friends, your three beautiful sisters and their families who travelled all the way from South Australia to show their love and support to you and Adrian.

Manny, you are something out of this world. You are one of the most talented persons I have ever met. You have an amazing effect in our community. The Filipino-Australian community is so lucky and proud to have someone like you who tirelessly give without expecting anything in return.

There is something about you that draws people close to you and make them want and trust you and I am one of them. Your life-long ambition has finally come to fruition. Through your book, you will be able to educate researchers, scholars, and students who are interested in Filipino language and culture. Your goal of reaching a wider audience across the globe through your works clearly articulate the Filipino dreams, their ambitions, their hopes, their struggles and their aspirations.

Thank you, Manny and our congratulations for educating all of us by this magnificent display of your talent. You are a gift to us and to our country, both Australia, and the Philippines. Your book will be a lasting reminder to us and to the next generation to come. We will remember your love of life and service to others.

Here’s to you Manny a short poem on your very special day…

Manny That Shines

The size of our candles may differ, but they yield the same brightness
It’s not a matter of your position, age, gender or religion
But it’s your ability …Manny Asuncion that Shines

Manuel Geronia Asuncion… Congratulations, Happy Birthday and we are very proud of you!

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