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Tender, juicy hotdog now in Australia

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Alice Nicolas
Alice Nicolas
Alice Gregorio Nicolas is the publisher of The Philippine Times.

Remember your tender, juicy red hotdog in the Philippines? There is a distinct taste to it that you want your hotdog to eat it even with rice? And we have it for baon when we go to school? Or simply eat it with pandesal? This is the same taste Filipino-Australians are craving for be it Purefoods or Swifts hotdog and we always compare it with Australian hotdogs. No, hotdogs in Australia have a different taste. It is yummy but certainly different.

In yesterday’s TFC Go Kapamilya Concert at the Planetshakers Auditorium in Melbourne, Filipino-Australians were greeted with a queue of that red hotdog being sold. It says: mighty, juicy hotdogs. And it’s the closest taste ever in Australian soil!

Next week, the Australian-made hotdog with Filipino flavour in it will be sold in Melbourne. So contact your local Filipino shops and have a taste. The company have started selling it in Sydney and now the Filos in Victoria will get to taste it.

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  1. Hi! Could there be by any chance they ship the hotdogs in Western australia. I’ve been craving for it. Please!

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