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Philippine Fiesta and Trade Expo: Ideas and Innovations

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Alice Nicolas
Alice Gregorio Nicolas is the publisher of The Philippine Times.

Celebrating 33rd year of the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria

By Manny G. Asuncion

The annual Philippine Fiesta of Victoria is celebrating its 33rd year on 28-29 November at the Royal Exhibition Building, Nicholson Street, Carlton. Additional attraction is the first ever Trade Expo in association with the Australia Philippine Business Council (APBC) which envisions to enhance trade relations between Australia and the Philippines.

The primary objective of the Fiesta is to promote the Philippine arts and culture by featuring exhibits, paintings, songs, food, music, sports, Festival parade and dances that will showcase the richness and diversity of the Filipino heritage to the multi-cultural Australian society.

Apart from the Trade Expo, this year’s Fiesta celebration incorporates a number of exciting ideas and innovations for the entertainment and participation of Fiesta’s stall holders, exhibitors, Filipino-Australian community organisations and visitors .

These initiatives are in coordination with the Filipino-Australian Student Council (FASTCO) with the participation of the different Filipino-Australian community organisations in Victoria. These are:

Philippine Fiesta and Trade Booth Competition
The theme of this competition features the richness and colourful festivals in the Philippines. It is envisioned to create fun and excitement among Filipinos and the public in general and at the same time promoting the products and services of the participating stall holders.

Philippine Fiesta Cook Fest
This competition aims to popularise the Filipino cuisines during and after the even. This Fest will highlight the best of the Filipino food.
Philippine Fiesta Selfie/Goupie Section
Selfie and Groupie is popular among Filipinos and Australians. A section in the hall will be organized for this purpose . By posting the photos in the social network with hash tag. Prizes will be given to the winners to the best selfie/groupie.

Fiesta Human Bingo
The Fiesta and Expo is arranged like a map where visitors are given a piece of paper for them to visit and earn stamps from every participating stall being visited. Door prizes will be given for those who complete the map. The completed map will be raffled.

Fiesta Talent Extreme – Inter-organisation Filipino Talent Showdown
This competition aims to instil pride and support among the Filipino associations in Melbourne open to diversified talents like singing, dancing, acting. etc.

Gabi ng Sining
This event is a gala of the best of Philippine traditional culture showcased through music, songs and dances. It aims to instil sentimentality and nostalgia to the Filipino-Australian community. This event will highlight the best of the Filipino classical talents in Victoria. The concept of the cultural event will span the pre-Hispanic, rural and contemporary aspects of Filipino culture with the involvement of Melbourne based classical musicians, singers and dancers.

Pinoy Work of Arts Exhibition
This is a special setting exhibit displaying works by the best Filipino visual artist of Melbourne.

On-the-Spot Photo Contest
The photo contest will feature the highlights of the Fiesta and the Trade Expo. The contest is open to all Filipino amateur and professional photographers in Melbourne. Individuals affiliated with Fiesta Committee are not eligible to participate . Prizes and awards will be given to the winners.

Fiesta Creative Writing Competition
The essay competition provides avenue for young people to feature the Philippine Fiesta. This activity will also develop their sense of pride and value to our culture and traditions. This is open to all high school (Filipino-Australian) students with a creative non competition on the subject of the Philippine Fiesta.

The Philippine Fiesta of Victoria, through the initiative of the Filipino Student Council and in cooperation with the Filipino-

Australian community organisations invites everyone to participate in these exciting activities. It is hoped that these ideas and initiatives will bring more pride, interactive participations and profound meanings to the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria, Australia.

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  1. We had an enjoyable time at thje Philippine Fiesta. I had some pilipino dishes and Halo Halo which were delicious. We will be going again next year but I hope in different venue. It was a beautiful building thought. Royal Exhibition Center is a beautiful building. Congratulations to Manny Asuncion.


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