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Things to consider before selecting a marble countertop

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Every homeowner desires a kitchen that is both comfortable and visually beautiful, among other things. The key part of any kitchen is the kitchen countertop. Working in the kitchen becomes a lot easier and more pleasant when you have a countertop with a perfect shine and finish. Many individuals choose marble kitchen benchtops as the focal point of their kitchens. Marble kitchen benchtops are quite popular among homeowners for a reason. But, before choosing it, one should be well aware of the pros and cons of marble benchtops. Its smooth and gleaming surface, as well as the different colours and designs offered, are the reasons behind this. 

Despite the fact that marble kitchen benchtops are more expensive than other stone benchtops, the visual appeal that these marble benchtops provide to the entire kitchen makes them worthwhile. It brightens up the entire kitchen in some way. Before deciding on the sort of kitchen marble you want to use in your house, you must first understand the five key variables that influence your decision:


Marble is an expensive stone. All various grades vary in price. The more expensive ones are smoother and include fewer impurities, whereas the lesser rated ones contain some contaminants. You may now determine which grade would be best for you based on your budget.


Many people are unaware that marble comes in a variety of colours and textures that may be used in countertops. Cream, white, black, red and green are a few of the colours offered. Choose a marble stone colour that complements your walls, floors, carpets and other furnishings. White marble, on the other hand, is the most popular choice for marble countertops because of its polished, glossy appearance and resistance to acid etching marks.


Marble benchtops are less stain-resistant than other benchtop materials. So, if you’re a stickler for cleanliness, you’re less likely to be concerned about discoloration. Others, on the other hand, prefer covered kitchen marble benchtops to avoid stains. If you are planning to buy a marble benchtop, then you should look out for tips to take care of the marble countertop.

Countertop edges

Marble countertop edge profiles come in a variety of styles. Straight edge countertops are the most popular marble countertop style. They’re squared off and have razor-sharp level edges. Quarter-round edges, double quarter-round edges, ogee edges and waterfall edges are all options. Because most edge profiles are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, it is advisable to select one that will match your living area for many years. 


Do the countertops have any cracks? Marble cracks indicate that it has been dropped or handled incorrectly. Many individuals confuse fissures with cracks. It’s important to realise that the two are not the same. A crack in the stone occurs naturally and does not affect the plane of the marble surface. When purchasing the stone, check it well to ensure that it is not discarded due to fractures. When there are fractures on a marble surface, you can glide your nail across them without catching them. If you want a more rustic aesthetic, there’s no harm in buying a slab with fractures because they don’t affect the stone’s integrity.

Final thoughts

Marble kitchen benchtops have their cons. The first is that they are highly expensive. Also, they are more prone to stains and scratches. Because of the stains and scratches, the benchtop begins to seem less appealing over a period of time. However, you can always get the benchtop coated to protect it. Make sure that you consider all the above-mentioned points before buying a marble countertop. And if you are someone who is want to say yes to green and take steps toward getting an eco-friendly kitchen, then you can consider different materials as well.

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