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Tips on how to earn money online

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The internet has provided people with hundreds of possibilities to make money. While some are already successfully working remotely, others are still looking for office jobs. If you are not the second type, in this post, we will dispel the most common myths about online jobs and provide you with tips on how to make a profit.

Myths and clichés about online gambling

In the first place, we recommend you forget about clichés. One can make money in different ways, even the most unexpected. You can even gain a profit on the 1xslots casino NZ site. Just make sure you are not chasing winnings and know how to control yourself. So, let us start with the most common myths about earning money on the internet.

Myth #1. You can’t earn a lot on the internet

Even if you can, then only a few can do it. If you get started with such thoughts, then you will undeniably not be able to make a decent profit. The amounts of money earned on freelance platforms like Upwork are quite impressive.

10 Proven Ways To Earn Money At Hom...
10 Proven Ways To Earn Money At Home - Mirage Portal

But how to make money on the internet? It’s quite simple — to reach the desired income, you first need to work hard, then build a system for finding clients, working with them, learning, raising the cost of services, connecting additional ways to earn money, etc.

Myth 2. There are a lot of scammers and a high probability of not getting paid

We partially agree with this myth. There are really a lot of scammers on the internet and those who want to get the service for free. But here are a few ways to protect yourself:

  • Work on proven platforms. Choose the sites that guarantee the safety of customers and performers: the client makes full payment before starting work on the project (this will secure the contractor), and the freelancer receives payment only when the work is accepted (this will secure the customer).
  • Work under a service agreement. To do this, you must be registered as an individual entrepreneur. Further, before starting work on the project, you draw up a contract in which you prescribe the main points — in what time frame you must complete the project, when and how to receive payment, etc.
  • Work only with a 100% prepayment. Of course, not all customers agree to such a condition, especially if you have a small portfolio and few reviews. Therefore, you can start with a 50% prepayment, and when you gain a good reputation, move on to 100%.

Myth 3. With fierce competition, it is impossible to breakthrough

In fact, there is little competition. Yes, there are really a lot of freelancers, especially after quarantine. But how many of them are good and professional specialists who know how to work responsibly (to deliver everything on time and perform efficiently), communicate competently with clients, and build their freelance systems? Not that many. Therefore, if you are an excellent specialist, you will always have clients and income.

What is needed to start making money online?

Working online at home for many who have lost their jobs or for another reason is an opportunity to earn some money. But to decide which new profession you can learn in a short time, you need to analyze what skills you already have in your asset. How to do this? Here are some recommendations:

  • Write down all the professions in which you worked before. Even those where you have received minimal experience will do.
  • Write down the skills you have developed throughout your life. Even if they are not directly related to professional activities. For example, the ability to concentrate when the phone is not silent from notifications, work two days without sleep, or quickly find a compromise that is beneficial for both parties. This will give you a list of skills that are already well-developed and those that can be improved and monetized.
  • Look for information about what professions or skills are currently relevant in the market. To do this, look at frequent requests on freelance platforms, job search sites, or in thematic Facebook groups.
  • Now think about how, with your skill set and experience, you can help people online and get paid for it. The list of ideas can be long (10 or more items). Weigh everything and choose one or two possibilities and concentrate on them.

Suppose you have decided on a specialty in which you can try to realize yourself. However, starting to make money on the internet is still scary. How do you overcome this fear and doubts?

The ideal way is to find specialists in the chosen field and chat with them. They will talk about the specifics of the work and what knowledge and skills you need to improve. You can even try to find a professional to become your mentor. This will help you avoid many mistakes and start earning faster.

If you can’t find a mentor, create an individual development plan yourself. Find relevant sources for improving those soft and hard skills that are not yet very well-developed, but are necessary for professional growth (YouTube and Telegram channels, books, articles, podcasts, etc.).


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