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Top 10 tips for successful project management

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When it comes to the efficiency of our workplaces and focusing on a profit-first strategy there is little that comes close to the power of successful project management. 

As we’re sure you will agree, when each member of our workforce understands what they have been tasked with during a project, and knows how to get their job done, we’re effectively creating a finely-tuned machine that ensures profit and effectivity. 

For our readers looking to enhance their project management and get more done in less time, then we have ten excellent tips for you below. 

Take a look. 

1. Be Mpyopically Focused on Project Details 

To start, no project runs well without a great understanding of it. 

That said, our first tip is to be myopically focused on every nuance and detail of a project with regards to getting the job done as effectively as possible. 

You want to kick things off with a plan that covers your project or task at hand in as much detail as possible and go from there. 

2. Educate the Team 

As we know, our workforce is the driver behind a projects’ success and they need to understand everything that’s going on. 

That in mind, ensure your team knows exactly what is going on and delegate based on strengths and weaknesses. You might also be better off letting team members choose their own part of the project at hand. 

Once this step is done, double check to ensure everyone has an in-depth understanding of the task moving forward. 

3. Be Realistic, Not Overbearing 

When you’ve kicked off the project, be sure that you remain realistic, positive and helpful. 

As we’re sure you’ll agree, an overbearing project manager can fast become the bane of a workflow and become toxic. That in mind — a happy, cheerful and relentlessly optimistic project manager is a winner here. 

4. Embrace the Task at Hand 

As a degree from Monarch in Project Management may have taught you already, it’s time to embrace the project. 

You always want to set an example, and being positive or taking a hold of the project at hand in the most optimistic way possible is the best way to do this. You’ll inspire your team and everyone will feel as though they’re part of a single driving force. 

5. Time Management Reigns Supreme 

When it comes to successful project management, time is money. 

It’s imperative to place a heavy focus on time management and organisation of your team and the project timeline. It is vital not to be overly pedantic here, though make sure everyone is on track with their workload and submitting or finalising sections of their tasks on time. 

6. Encourage Open, Company-wide Communication

In the businesses of the future, open communication and engagement are essential. 

When it comes to project management, utilising effective project management software and collaborative technologies is imperative. If you can prevent time wasting and unintentional workplace chats through utilising management software, then you’re on the right track here. 

Work to mitigate wasted time through utilising technology for your staff to chat and share ideas or project essentials. 

7. Keep Relevant Documentation Close

As we mentioned above, organisation is essential. 

When a large project is on the cards, waiting for information is a major drag and so we suggest having relevant information on hands at all times. If someone asks for a piece of information, a document or data on the day’s deliverables — make it a habit of sharing this information instantly. 

Keep in mind — wait times cause a domino effect that slows down more than just a single staff member.

8. Understand and Manage Risks

All successful project management tasks rely on the solid identification and management of risks. 

This means you’ll want to be aware of what could go wrong, and have a plan for each of these potential ‘dangers.’ It’s best to do this in the early days of a project and be sure you have the resources handy should you need to draw upon them to mitigate risk. 

For example, if an essential worker is out sick on a day with high importance, be sure a fellow worker has the ability to fill in — or have the preparedness to take on their role in the interim. 

9. Understand and Prepare for Potential Cost Hikes 

Awareness of, and preparation for, potential cost hikes or ‘scope creep’ is also essential for smooth project management. 

You want to be aware of where a business’s costs could go and whether a project may become exceedingly expensive for your brand. From here, have a plan in place that works to alter your current project’s trajectory and move it to a less costly avenue. 

As with the tip above, this is best planned for earlier in the project. 

10. Evaluate and Improve 

Once your project is complete, it’s imperative to evaluate and improve. 

You’ll be able to better understand what to do in your next project and may find a routine that makes your team’s workflows more streamlined, affordable and efficient. 

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