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Travel overseas safely with Smartraveller

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Smartraveller helps you travel safely when heading overseas.

International travel can be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends or chase the next adventure. However, overseas travel can take a wrong turn, which is why Smartraveller.gov.au is a must-see destination. 

Smartraveller helps you plan your trip, and the free subscription service ensures you stay informed while you are away. Essentially, it is your trusted travel companion for when the unexpected happens. 

Statistics from the recent Department of Foreign Affairs and Insurance Council of Australia, travel insurance report, show that over 94% of those who visited the Smartraveller website felt it made them more aware of risks. Ninety-two per cent agreed that the website equipped them to manage risks when travelling.

For Ms Said*, planning a family trip could easily have gone wrong. 

“We had originally thought about a holiday to Egypt, but when we visited Smartraveller we changed our minds. The travel advice was ‘reconsider you need to travel’ and based on the information outlined we decided we didn’t want to take the risk.”

Smartraveller has travel advice on over 175 destinations. This includes information on health, what to do while you are away, safety, local laws, and cultural practices. 

Ms. Akira*, an experienced traveller, knows all too well how important researching your next trip is.

“Smartraveller’s advice on customs and safety has saved me from sticky situations, letting me explore confidently and create lasting memories.”

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Ms. Jenny*, a solo traveller in China, credits Smartraveller for a memorable trip.

“Thanks to Smartraveller’s tips, I navigated Beijing with ease and turned my nervousness into excitement!”

Smartraveller also has information on visa requirements, travel insurance and what to do if you need help, for example, if you have had something stolen or lost your passport.

But Smartraveller is not just about advice; it’s also a lifeline that provides up-to-date information while you’re away through the free subscription service. 

Of those who subscribed to Smartraveller’s travel advice updates, 99% agreed they had the most current information.

Mr Chow* had subscribed to updates for his holiday destination.

“When I was overseas, I got an email warning me about some changed weather conditions. Knowing what was happening made me feel safe.”

For Mr Rajesh*, staying in the know was essential even when visiting familiar places.

“I had been to visit family in India multiple times, I know what to do and where to go, but subscribing to Smartraveller updates gives me peace of mind, no matter where I am.” 

Whether you are travelling to visit family and friends or for holidays, make Smartraveller.gov.au your first destination. Visit Smartraveller today!

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* Names have been changed for privacy reasons

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