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Victorian Government Offers New Grants to Help LGBTIQA+ Groups Grow

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The Victorian government has announced the availability of grants for organisations and groups dedicated to supporting the state’s LGBTIQA+ communities through its Organisational Development Grants program. The deadline for the grant applications is April 30.

Initiated in 2016, this grants initiative is designed to augment the capacity of organizations and groups to assist lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex, queer, and asexual (LGBTIQA+) communities across Victoria. The program is intended to support various activities, including training and mentoring for personnel, extending services into regional Victoria, and strategic planning for organizational growth.

Funding options are tiered to accommodate different levels of organizational maturity: grants of up to $40,000 are available for well-established groups with extensive experience in serving LGBTIQA+ communities, whereas up to $20,000 is available for nascent organizations or those with limited experience. Priority is given to initiatives aiming to engage with diverse LGBTIQA+ populations, particularly in regional and rural Victoria.

Minister for Equality Harriet Shing commented on the grants, emphasising the government’s commitment to the LGBTIQA+ sector: “We’re strengthening the community-led LGBTIQA+ sector with grants that help organisations and groups build safe, supported, and inclusive communities in Victoria.”

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She further underlined the non-negotiable nature of equality in the state: “In Victoria, equality is not negotiable. These grants will support organisations and groups contributing to the economic and social inclusion needs of LGBTIQA+ communities being met across the state now and well into the future.”

Minister Shing also encouraged organizations to apply, stating, “I encourage all eligible organisations keen to see their LGBTIQA+ communities thrive to apply for these grants.”

The funding initiative aligns with the Victorian Government’s broader efforts to foster equality, as delineated in the “Pride in our Future: Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ Strategy 2022-32.”

Past beneficiaries include the Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council, which allocated its grant to hiring an organisational development consultant, enhancing its support for LGBTIQA+ individuals from multicultural and faith backgrounds in Victoria. Another recipient, the Gippsland Pride Initiative, used the grant to improve its infrastructure, strengthening its support and advocacy for LGBTIQA+ communities in the Gippsland region.

Since the program started, it has supported over 100 LGBTIQA+ organisations in advancing their operational capabilities and expertise.

For additional details and application instructions, visit vic.gov.au/lgbtiqa-organisational-development-grants.

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