1. because there are more job availabilities for women than in men in Australia. & for your question, why do most of them have Aurtralian husbands?….Australian husbands can answer this..Why do they like Filipinas to marry with.

  2. Do you have any statistics whatsoever to prove this?

    It sounds like you’re taking a tiny sample of people you know and see regularly and applying that sample to a country with millions of people.

  3. In regional South Australia where I live,mas maraming babae na Filipina not because they were offered with jobs but they married Aussie men ,mostly divorced and with older age.Ika nga ,wives na ,carer pa.Lets not be hyprocritical about that.

  4. my wife to be is filapina she was once married 7 years and was seriously bashed and beaten and kicked and pounched iam from australia and we plan to get married here in australia and stay together so my filapina wife can at least work here and have her peace restored again and we love each other we do believe real dreams do come true i need some peactical help on this issue


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