Fiesta Concerned members expelled, banned for five years


The 16 Concerned Members of the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria Inc (CMPFVI) led by Maina Walkley are not paid members of the Philippine Fiesta and therefore do not have the right to vote and be involved in the running of the Association. They are also banned from becoming members of the Philippine Fiesta for five years. This is according to the Resolutions passed and signed by the Management Committee of Ross Manuel.

Walkley did not want to elaborate but sent to The Philippine Times about her group’s expulsion and banning from becoming members, “This act of desperation by Ross Manuel and his group is a total disregard and affront on the rights of members to speak out against the mismanagement of the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria Inc.” She added that the “Concerned Members and the majority in the Filipino Community will not stop to prevent the reckless sale of the valuable portion of our Laverton property by Ross Manuel and his group.”

The 16 Concerned Members are Maina Walkley, Eddie Atacador, Noel Tolentino, Billy Velasco, Elmer Ragel, Gerry Ocampo, Alex Ordona, Philip Salanguit, Tony Lugo, Francis Dizon, Roy Carbungco, Bing Jaraba, Ellen Oftial, Remy Raquel, Hugo Espineda and Rolly Hernandez. The Management Committee said in its resolution that these people are “exerting immense pressure to undermine and attack the current PFVI Management Committee.”

The shocking and unexpected resolution was a big blow to the 16 members, most of whom were granted Lifetime Membership years ago and as such not required to pay their membership dues. The resolution was voted and signed during a Special General Meeting of the Management Committee at 5pm last 30 June 2013. This was the same day that the Committee scheduled a meeting with the community leaders but was cancelled when the Concerned Members started entering the room at the Philippine Community Centre in Laverton. Signatories were: Ross Manuel, Mario Magbiray, Mario Dumrigue, Melba Rivera, Resy Lim, Orlando Victuelles, Manuel Asuncion, Feliciano Roxas, Ernie Pagar, Rene Tamoro, and Jess Narte.

Meanwhile, Manuel notified the members in his 4 July 2013 letter that his Committee is now abolishing the Lifetime Membership as the 1997 Management Committee failed to ratify and register as an addendum the non-fee paying Lifetime membership to the PFVI Constitution.

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