Filipina beauty crowned Miss Crown Asia 2014


Filipina beauty, Shiela “Lulu” Robins grabbed the Miss Crown Asia Beauty Pageant 2014 besting the other 11 candidates of Asian descent. The final competition was held last 22 March 2014 at Happy Reception in Ascot Vale.

Miss Crown Asia is Lulu’s first time to join a beauty competition. “Since I was little girl, I have always dreamed of joining beauty pageants, due to height requirements that ambition was put aside. This year that dream came true, thanks to Hein Au and Su Ching who founded Miss Crown Asia. Being my first pageant, I was very nervous yet excited at the same time. The rest of the contestants made it challenging as they are all beautiful and talented in their own way. Being crowned Miss Crown Asia 2014, has proved me that when you believe in yourself, anything is possible,” she told The Philippine Times.

Founded in 2007, Miss Crown Asia beauty pageant is a modelling and fashion competition that provides contestants with a journey to instill good manners, confidence, and sportsmanship and become a great ambassador for younger Australian Asian females in Melbourne.

The aim of Miss Crown Asia is to provide a healthy competition that challenges individuals to be the best they can be while having the opportunity to showcase and develop their deportment skills, confidence and self esteem.

Lulu is also one of 12 Filipina models competing in the ongoing television show, Filo All Star X (FASX) produced by Project 628 led by Tristan Manas. The new talent program showcases Filipinas who are set on various challenges every week competing to win the title of Miss FASX 2014. “The variety of challenges thrown at us every episode with the help of our mentors in the show  has given me the confidence and understanding of the modeling industry,” Lulu said.

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