Philippine Heritage Day celebration in ACT


The Philippine-Australian Association of the ACT and Monaro Region (PAA), the oldest Filipino-Australian association in the region, is celebrating Philippine Heritage Day on May 8, 2010 at the Belconnen Arts Centre, from 1-5 pm.

Philippine Heritage Day is an opportunity for Filipino-Australians to discover their cultural and historical roots and in the process realize the significant value these bring to the wider Australian community. It is also a chance for non-Filipino Australians to learn about Filipino culture and history and better understand the perspective of the Filipino migrant in Australia.

Heritage Day will showcase Philippine history through films and a lecture and Filipino culture through native Philippine music, dances, fashion, sports and martial arts. Heritage Day will also highlight accomplishments of Filipinos around the world.

The Philippine-Australian Association invites all Filipino-Australians and non-Filipino Australians to this landmark event.

Heritage Day is a day for the Filipino-Australian to stand up proudly on the shoulders of his/her roots and be counted as a catalytic, productive, and harmonious contributor to Australia’s progress.

It is also a day for Australia to see through the eyes of the Filipino migrant in order to better appreciate the Filipino migrant’s determination and excitement amid frustration, dedication and hard work despite the challenge to secure acceptance, and sense of gratitude to both the Philippines for his/her identity and to Australia for the opportunity to live and grow in a free, dynamic, and progressive society.


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