The Inner Game - Thad MangalinoMany months ago, you may recall me mentioning that in our whole lifetime, we are only given a set amount of weekends; a person that lives to be 90 years old will only have 4,680 weeks on this planet.

Upon hearing this figure, it gave me a flashback to a lyric from a Julian Lennon song “Saltwater” in which he sang “And time is not a friend (no friend of mine) As friends were out of time. And it’s slowly passing by…

Right before our eyes. I remember the time when the weekend would come and I slept half the day because I was out the night before and lounge around doing nothing. I remember being so bored and I felt that I had a lot of time to play with. You know what I am talking about don’t you?

Years later, I matured and wised up. I felt a sense of urgency; the same feeling I get when I am at a party and the server with a tray full of hors d’oeuvres comes around but people flock to it and I fear that I might miss out on the savoury treat on a toothpick.

I hope the figure of 4,680 weeks gives you an elevated sense of urgency. Time is limited and there are things that we need to accomplish—items we need to tick off our list.

Sitting idle and letting the days go by will hurt us in the long run. The next thing you know, the weeks and days will get less and less.

It is true that we do not know when our time here on Earth will cease, however, whatever it is that you want to accomplish while you’re here, do the best you can with what you have to make sure you reach it.

Writing a goal with an end date and having a vision on how it will look like in the end embedded with positive action, executed with enthusiasm and passion is great.

To make sure that you are on track and have it in your face, download a countdown timer app on your phone.

My count down timer is set to my 96th birthday as I want to live to my mid 90s and according to the timer I have over 21,087 days left It is a strong visual reminder similar to physically watching sand through an hourglass.

Until next time…. Stay FOCUSED!

— First published in The Philippine Times, July 2017 Edition

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