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3 tips on how to travel safely with your elderly parent

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As your parents get older, you want them to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. It is never too late for anyone to go on a trip and enjoy the sights and sounds of new places. For an elderly parent, it is a dream come true to travel and experience something different from what they are accustomed to, especially with the company of their children. It helps them build beautiful memories that they will treasure for a lifetime. 

If you plan to take your elderly parent on a trip, you may have a few misgivings about how to care for them away from home. It is normal to feel anxious because they are no longer as independent as they used to be and will rely on you to care for them throughout the trip. The following tips can help you travel safely and comfortably with your elderly parent.

1. Get the go signal from their doctor

Before deciding to travel with your elderly parent, it is best to talk to their doctor and find out if they are fit to take the trip. Because of the age factor, they have certain limitations that can keep them from enjoying travelling long distances. Their doctor can give the best advice about whether they can travel and the medications they may need while away. If they have health issues, the doctor can provide prescriptions, should it be necessary. It is also best to learn more about the different types of incontinence and help your elderly parent handle whatever they may be experiencing. Again, consulting their doctor is the best way to ensure that you and your elderly parent can travel without worry.

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2. Keep things at a leisurely pace

Although spontaneity is a lot of fun, especially when travelling to a new destination, it is best to go slow when travelling with your elderly parent. Remember that they are no longer as active as they used to be, can tire quickly, and are much slower. As a result, they may not be able to keep up with you as you go sightseeing or make plans for the duration of your trip. So, while you may be excited to go from one place to the next, it is best to allow your elderly companion to take their time and relax. 

3. Be ready for any emergency

In travelling with an elderly parent, you must always be ready for any emergency. Anything can happen, and you need to know what to do should such untoward incidents occur. This is why you should discuss your trip with your parent’s doctor, so you are not at a loss during any medical emergency. Before taking the trip, double-check their medications to ensure they are packed for the trip. Some places you visit may not have them readily available, so it is best to have an adequate amount on hand at all times. Make a checklist of these medications and organise them to ensure that your parent takes them according to the doctor’s instructions. 

By following these tips, you and your elderly parent can have an enjoyable and memorable trip together.


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