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Alba Iulia
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

5 common business mistakes to avoid

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It’s no secret that the world of business is tediously complex and comes with several challenges that can ultimately make or break your company. 

Whether you’re a veteran in the business or just starting out, there’s new challenges and changes to the business landscape that often crop up and change everything. However, there are also a few key aspects that remain the same – like trademarking or registering – that far too many business owners forget about. 

With that said, you should always be on the lookout for potential mistakes you might be making or learning from the struggles and problems others have been faced with. In doing this, you’ll be increasing your chances of success. 

To help you navigate the volatile business landscape, here are our most common business mistakes to avoid. 

1. Overlooking a business plan

From the outset, it can be rather dangerous to your business if you forgo writing a business plan or any sort of action plan. 

Ideally, your business plan will be something you take a routine look over when times get a little confusing, tough or you need to realign your activities with the goals in your plan. The lack of a business plan means you’ll be essentially taking shots in the dark and hoping your business heads in the right direction. 

We suggest spending upwards of months working out a solid business plan that targets everything from your prospective customers, product research and development, growth strategy, and much more. 

Without a business plan, your audacious business goals will simply go up in smoke, along with all of your hard work. 

2. Ignoring trademarks and registering slogans

It’s not a surprise that the world of business is cutthroat and rather ferocious when it comes to branding, slogans, and developing those taglines that customers won’t ever forget. 

That said, it’s imperative you seek out a legal team and consult with them about registering your brand name, slogans, and catchphrases. By doing this, you’ll reduce your risk of being sued or having your slogans stolen should another brand try to copy you and your service offering. 

Legal service providers such as LegalVision provide solutions for business owners in need of direction when it comes to slogan availability and registration or trademarking of brand names — which are commonly overlooked by start-ups. 

3. Disregard for market research

Far too many business owners kick off their brand without doing any market research with the belief that ‘everyone’ is (or should be) their customer. 

Whether this is true or not, it is profoundly expensive to advertise to a whole population. In short, businesses who target all customers cease operations quite quickly as they’re unable to make a meaningful impact with such a small budget. 

Our biggest tip is to dig as deep as possible into your demographic data, or buy this data from market research firms so you’re able to find out where your customers are, how to communicate to them, and what they like to buy. 

With a solid understanding of your target market under your belt, you’ll be one step closer to success. 

4. Forgetting your hostile competitors

From the outset, your business will be targeted by competitors who are looking to absorb your customer base and force you out of the market — so you need to stay on top of their movements. 

As a business owner, it’s now essential that you keep tabs on your rival’s pricing, service offering, product suite, customer retention strategies, and more. These brands may not have products or services as good as yours, but they may have better after-sale communication than you, or a rewards program in place, for example. 

If a competitor drops an item’s price, you may be forced to follow suit, or even forgo selling it altogether.  

That said, a close eye on competing business movements is essential to keep your band afloat. 

5. Not knowing your product suite inside and out

Finally, a common mistake business owners make is not entirely understanding what they’re selling. Customers will gauge trustworthiness on this fact, and if you’re unable to show that you’re the ‘king’ of a specific product or service, you’ll be overlooked. 

We suggest spending some time developing a booklet for internal use that outlines what your most important or pivotal products and services actually are, how to market them, and some essential information. 

When a customer asks for specifics, or for some information on what value this product or service could bring to their company – you must be able to offer up a solid answer. 

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