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8 ways to make use of a spare room

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When you have a spare room, it can be daunting to decide what to do with it. There are many things you can do with a spare room, from the functional to the indulgent, and everywhere in between. Many you can do yourself, and sometimes you might want to invest in a designer. Either way, here are some ideas to get you started on revamping your spare room.


Using your spare room as an office or study is one way to use a spare bedroom. Many people who work from home will find this a necessity, but as Real Estate says, it can be a great benefit to anyone. We all need a space of our own, and a home office can do this. Grays is a good place to start when furnishing your home office, as it will help you find the right technology. 

Library/Reading Room

Whilst a bit indulgent, readers and booklovers always dream of this. If you want to do this and can, having your own sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family to read can be very tempting. Homify suggests creating this nook, where you can categorise your books the way you want to. Having a space like this also ensures that you have a dedicated space for books and reading. 

Rumpus Room

Kids need space too, and often, their bedrooms can be overrun with toys, clothes and books. As Real Estate points out, kids need their own space away from the adults, and a rumpus room can do this. Use a website like Grays Online to find suitable furniture and storage solutions for this room.

Guest Bedroom

Guest bedroom | Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash
Guest bedroom | Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

The most obvious use of a spare room that  Real Estate and Grays Online cater to is to use it as a guest bedroom. As Real Estate suggests, this can be rented out, or used for friends and family who come to stay with you. Most people use their spare room in this way, and sometimes it doubles up with one of the other functions on this list.

Craft Room

Another indulgence in some ways. A craft room, as suggested by Real Estate, can be very useful and effective if you like arts and crafts. It can help to keep any craft projects away from the main house and will allow you to have a quiet space to create, away from the noise. It also reduces the chance of all those works in progress taking over the house and the common areas.

Home Gym

A house gym can be useful, especially during COVID times. Whilst this one may depend on the size of the room, you can probably still, depending on what you use in your gym, create an effective one on a budget. Real Estate and Homify give a few ideas on how to do this, and what to include to make it work for you and your needs. 

Dressing Room

A dressing room might be seen as an indulgence, and can be created using bedroom furnishings found at Grays Online, and Real Estate suggests doing it if you can and have the inclination. This can also give you a quiet space where you can contemplate things and have a few moments of peace. 

Media Room

Many of us have our televisions in the same space as our living room. One way to change this is to create a media room in your spare room. It can separate your living space from your entertainment space and allow you to delineate what you want to use your house and its different spaces for, or just give you extra space to accommodate all your different entertainment needs. 

A spare room has many uses, and these are just some of the ways you can utilise this space if it is currently unused. Whatever you do, make sure the spare room’s use suits what you need and want, and what will work within the space you have and your budget. Dedicating your spare room to one of the specific uses above can also help you balance the rest of the spaces in your house. 


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