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A comprehensive guide on All-On-4 Dental Implants

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The growth of technology impacts several ways in people’s life. When it comes to oral health, various new aspects rise out in recent times that preserve the health and also pave way for the beautiful and confident smile. Among these methods, all 4 dental implants is one of the techniques that help you to have the same shape of mouth irrespective of issues in the teeth.

All on 4 dental implants is the hybrid mounted on the 4 implants, and it helps in replacing both the upper and the lower arches. In this technique, you can have a permanent solution and easy maintenance. It is a great option for the people who are toothless or suffering from tooth damage. This method is more suitable for people who lose their teeth and are not replaced immediately.

Procedure for the treatment

Here are the list of procedures involved in all on 4 dental implants:

Exam and records: Visit the dentist, and they take an X-ray of our teeth. The impression of each jaw is taken to make the precise model of the mouth. If needed, a 3d image is captured, and these images are used to gauge the thickness of the bone, visualize the nerves, and locate the sinus cavities and any other structure in the jaw. Choose the best dentist in Melbourne who is pioneer in doing all on 4 Melbourne procedure effectively.

Treatment plan: The dentist will review the health record and plan the procedure concerning the health of the individual. This ensures an increased rate of success. The 3D images will be used to create the surgical guides, which will assist in precise place the implants to avoid issues like nerves and sinus cavities.

First surgery: The first surgery is called extractions, where the surgeon will remove the teeth that need to come out. Sometimes, this is done during the time of implant placement, but sometimes the patients need to wait for a month.

Dental implant

Second surgery: It is called implant placement, and it is the place the actual surgery takes place. The patient is numbed with the medicine and possibly sedated for the procedure. As per the guidelines, the surgeon will drill the holes in the bone. Titanium posts are placed into the holes, and a small peg called a healing cap will be placed on the implant. So, the bones and gums can heal and attach to the implant before placing any load on it. During this procedure, temporary dentures are placed, or you may go without the teeth in the surgical area.

Placement of restorations: After the healing process, the implants are firmly anchored to the bone custom tops. Also, abutments-like things are attached to the implants at the later stage. These abutments are later used for the base for creating the crowns or bridges. So, it forms the natural teeth to have the right shape of the mouth. 

How to maintain the all on 4 dental implants?

It is the technique where the dental is fixed, and you will not be able to remove it without the help of the dentist. It will allow you to care for what you do for the general teeth. You need to brush at least twice in a day with the soft-bristled manual or electric brush. Use circular moments all around the teeth and the prosthesis for brushing. Having flossing and use water picks periodically as it helps in removing the food debris that is not possible the toothbrush.

The recovery process

The recovery process for the All on 4 will be straightforward where the patient returns to regular life within a few days or maximum of one week. The bridge that is mounted on the technique fuses to the bone a lot faster when compared to the other traditional ways. The stability of the treatment fastens the complete recovery with a maximum duration of 8 months. However, it is crucial to follow the guidelines of the dentist for a quick recovery. Some tips you need to follow are,

  • Bite down on gauze, and it will assist in controlling the bleeding
  • Brush the teeth gently, but ensure you do it thoroughly
  • Prepare for the saltwater rinse if the bleeding continues for a whole day
  • Avoid physical exercise for 3 to 4 months and take rest as much possible
  • Try to quit smoking or at least avoid smoking for 2 months after the treatment
  • Avoid hot drinks and stick to the soft food diet for at least 3 months of the treatment

Time to approach the specialist for enjoying the modern technique!

In places like Melbourne, most people are now aware of the dental implant technique, and people are looking for the all on 4 Melbourne for enhancing their smile with sound dental health. Are you one who is still worried about the poor teeth or tooth loss? Without any delay approach the best dentist or surgeon who can help you with the modern technique.

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