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A face of courage, vision and hope

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Edith Dizon -Fitzsimmons (T.Mus A)

The Philippne born music teacher and music therapist, journalist and former pilot,passed away March 15, 2014 aged 91

Mrs. Dizon-Fitzsimmon’s funeral service will be on Monday March 24, 2014 at Wesley Uniting Church 136 Maude St. Shepparton at 1 pm.

By Dennis Dizon

How do you commemorate the life of Edith Dizon -Fitzsimmons? “She is just an incredible person and has had such an incredible life” said r Stuart said as he made a film for the Central Philippine University campus station. Mrs Edith Dizon -Fitzsimmons was highly respected for helping forge links between Australia and the Philippines.

She worked to establish the Philippine House, founded the Goulburn Valley Organ Club, the Filipino-Australian Friends Association and the Goulburn Valley Multicultural Youth Singing Bell Choir.

A centenary medal to commemorate of federation of Australian medal was awarded to Edith Dizon -Fitzsimmons. Edith was given several awards by past Philippine Presidents.

She was posted as a Face of Australia, one of a series of stamps by Australia post to mark the Turn of the century in 2000.

Her book The Sky is the limit expounds her belief that there are no boundaries in life. To celebrate her 80th birthday she made her jump from 10,000 feet. She took to the skies in memory of a beloved son who shared her love of flying.

During her 25 years as a pilot she was the Philippnes first female flyer and in 1958 was one of five women to fly across the United States as part of the Amelia Earhart program.

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A widowed mother and her 5 Children left a politically volatile Philippines for Australia in 1970. In Australia, she became the public relations officer for the Mission of St. James and St. John.

She also became the organist at St.James Cathedral in West Melbourne and played concerts to raise money for the mission.

She moved to Shepparton in 1973 after she met her late second husband while performing at the Town Hall. Together they realised her dream of a Philippines House and recognised for its collection of unique artifacts and other treasures.

Mrs. Dizon-Fitzsimmons travelled the world, performing concerts, teaching and lecturing in music therapy.

In her final years she shared her music with the other residents of the Shepparton retirement village.

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