By Lorna Ramirez

Acceptance and tolerance are two words that majority of people do not know the difference. The truth is they are a world apart. Acceptance is the higher level of tolerance. Tolerance means you can tolerate something but not necessarily accepting it.

In the modern era, most of us will show tolerance to sensitive issues such as race, religion and most especially to the LGBT, but are they widely accepted by the majority of the population?

In the early century in medieval Europe, homosexuality was considered a violation even punishable by death. Even today, homosexuals are called names such as queer, gay, faggot etc. At times, families disown their own offspring because of this issue.

In the 1980s, the gay community had a setback. They were antagonised because of the AIDS epidemic. A big blow to them. Through the years, with more and more celebrities and entertainers coming out of their closets, and with the media playing a big role, these helped significantly the war against homophobia.

Indeed the LGBT had gone a long way since the early centuries and even in the early 20th century. Is it because we are more educated now and the influence of social media changed the way people think or did we just become more rational, open minded and people nowadays are not conservative and religious than before?

The world now is beginning to realise that we are all different and loving someone with the same gender does not mean their love is inferior than those who love the opposite sex. I do believe that a person will be the one to decide who they really are and should not be dictated and pressured by society. Their mind, heart and soul will decide what gender they are comfortable with. Regardless of what they choose, they deserve to be happy.

What will be your reaction if one of your children will inform you that they are different? It will be frustrating of course, but there is nothing much we can do but to support them. It’s not their fault; it is just unfortunate they were born in a wrong body.

It is quite timely that this issue is in my latest book, Moments of Love, Lust and Ecstasy. I never expected it to be an issue this year in Australia.

It’s very interesting to note the result of the poll about the same-sex marriage that came out this month. Now that the YES vote has overwhelmingly prevailed, we should respect the decision of the majority. Perhaps, it’s time for us to reflect and embrace the word ACCEPTANCE. After all, that is what the world needs now!

Excerpts from my book My Innermost Thoughts

It’s easy to love the lovable
It’s easy to accept people
Who share our beliefs and convictions
It’s easy to love families and friends
It will take courage for us
To love and accept people
Who are different, unlovable
This would be a peaceful place
If we tried to accept and respect everyone
Regardless of gender race or religion
And other differences

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Lorna Ramirez
LORNA RAMIREZ was born, raised and educated in Manila in the Philippines, attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering and working as a laboratory manager in a textiles company. In 1977, with her husband and her son and daughter she migrated to Australia. She worked as a laboratory technician and a chemist in Australia, only retiring in the year 2000 to care for her first grandchild. Lorna Ramirez has travelled extensively, gaining much from her interactions with people all over the world and building a strong foundation for her philosophies about life. She loves gardening, cooking, and reading and playing the piano. She is also interested in the Stock Exchange. Throughout her life, Lorna Ramirez, a woman of faith, has been a wise observer of human behaviour and has collected her many pearls of wisdom and observations to produce this inspiring and uplifting book.


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