Major cities are full of areas with different cultures, and Australia’s cities are no exception. Here are benefits for living in Australia’s Filipino community.

From 2019 and on, Australia is projected to receive more than 10 million tourists every year!

Those who know Australia know it’s no surprise that people love it so much there. And the vibrant Filipino community in Australia contains some of the best places to live in the country.

Read on to find out all the reasons Australia’s Filipino community is a great place to live!

The Rich Culture of the Filipino Community in Australia

While each culture has something valuable, the Filipino culture is really something special. From the food to the family to the parties, it’s easy to fall in love with Filipino customs.

1. The Food

At first glance, it might seem like food isn’t that big of a deal. But trust us, once you’ve tasted the amazing dishes of Filipino culture, you’ll feel as strongly as we do! 

Being able to enjoy an intense and beautiful culinary experience three times a day, every day, for years, can really make your whole life a little more delicious!

The Filipinos invented adobo as a response to their need to preserve food. Adobo is prepared by cooking meat in vinegar with a variety of spices. It’s an emblematic Filipino dish, and you won’t believe how good it is!

Chicken Inasal is a delicious chicken dish with orange sauce and rice mixed with garlic. Bulalo is a hearty soup made by cooking fresh beef with bones for hours. The bones contribute nutritious marrow to the dish, and Filipinos enjoy this soup piping hot whether the weather is warm or freezing!

With these dishes and more available all throughout Filipino communities, there’s no denying the enjoyment and closeness they experience.

Filipino culture is known for its generosity with food. They have a saying, “O, kain pa,” which means, “Come, eat more!”

2. Family

Filipino culture emphasizes togetherness and family.

Not limiting themselves only to the nuclear family, Filipinos develop their family bonds with a large extended family, sometimes including three or four generations!

3. Community

Along with their emphasis on family, Filipinos believe in cultivating their communities. When someone in the community needs help, Filipinos are always ready to lend a helping hand. When things are good, Filipinos love to share those good times together.

Filipinos also enjoy well-cared-for communities. You can learn more about the services they enjoy that remove rubbish every day and more.

4. Holidays

Filipinos would not be remotely content with just a handful of holidays per year! In Filipino culture, practically every month is marked by some holiday or other. There’s always plenty to do and plenty of exciting things to learn!

In Filipino culture, Christmas celebrations can even last halfway through January. If you really want to learn how to party, there’s no better place than in the center of a Filipino community!

5. Religion

Filipino communities are often devout, filling their homes with crosses and other religious imagery. They believe in respecting their communities, each other, and the world.

Filipinos also have many customs and stories about spirits. Sometimes, they say “tabi po” when walking through nature or standing next to an immense tree. This phrase means “I’m just passing by.”

A Beautiful Community

We hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of living in the Filipino community in Australia. If you would like to read more content about this community, then check out some of our other news articles.

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