Australians no longer traveling to Asia for plastic surgeries due to slashed domestic prices


SYDNEY, Sept. 6 (PNA/Xinhua) — The boob job boom of Australians heading to Asia for cheap cosmetic surgery could come to an end as Australian doctor’s slash prices.

Now Aussie firms are not only offering cosmetic surgery that is priced competitively but it also comes without the risks associated with overseas options, NewsCorp reported on Tuesday.

One such happy camper is Shay Farrell, 19, who has just undergone breast reduction surgery at Gold Coast Surgical Hospital after being quoted a cheaper price than some options in Asia.


“My out-of-pocket expenses were less than what I was quoted for the same procedure in Thailand and that didn’t include flights,” Farrell said.

“This way you know you’re getting Australian medical industry standards and you have the comfort of having it done at home instead of having to travel and worry about what happens if something goes wrong.”

Australian Medical Association Queensland President Chris Zappala said it was encouraging to see cheaper options available within Australian shores.

“Patients often underestimate the seriousness of cosmetic surgery,” Zappala said.

“Australian medical practitioners are some of the most highly trained and skilled doctors in the world and we urge patients not to put their lives at risk by having a procedure done in a country that isn’t as well-regulated,” he said.

Claire Licciardo, who runs Cosmetic Holidays International in Queensland, acknowledged that cheaper options at home were cutting into the overseas market.

“The whole industry has responded to the cosmetic tourism market by bringing prices down,” Licciardo said.

“The consumer is the one who is winning,” she said.


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