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Award-Winning Web Series “Trumpet Player” Takes the World Stage

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“Trumpet Player”, a ten-episode web series, has hit the ground running in its first month in the international film festival circuit.

It is about a person questioning his line of work and wrestling between his sense of duty and morality.

The web series was directed by Filipino-Australian Felino Dolloso and with cinematography by Ferry Lie.

In her article, Joanna Saavedra stated, “Trumpet Player is a beautifully written masterpiece that elevates solitude into an art form. With Dolloso’s intelligent storytelling and captivating performances, the web series invites the audience to embrace the solitude that can become a source of peace and happiness within. It is a celebration of self-discovery in the midst of living as an outsider.

[READ Saavedra’s full review and links to The Trumpet videos]

In its first month on the international film festival circuit, Trumpet Player has been picked up by several festivals across continents.

Winning several awards in its first month on the international circuit, Trumpet Player took home honours for Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Best Actor for Felino Dolloso’s lead performance.

So far, the web series has been officially selected in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Italy and the Netherlands.

It is a wonderful testament to the hard work put in by Felino Dolloso and Ferry Lie in creating the “Trumpet Player” Series.

The success of the Trumpet Player series at film festivals reflects the efforts of creators Felino Dolloso and Ferry Lie.

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According to Dolloso, it took over a year to complete with filming mainly done after work, weekends or anytime when both Dolloso and Lie were available.

The series also features and stars two young Filipino-Australian actors Sophia and Aaryan.

Trumpet Player
DILEMMA Trumpet Player Series Ep 6 still frame 2

In her Philippine Times review, Joanna Saavedra describes Trumpet Player as a web series that follows a trumpet player, played by Felino Dolloso himself. Set in a foreign city, the story explores the character’s experience as an outsider. Sweeping shots capture the beauty of solitude as he navigates the bustling streets, finding solace in the city’s energy.

With the current success of Trumpet Player in film festivals, Dolloso and Lie have discussed and considered the idea of a long version (feature film) in the future.

Felino Dolloso has captivated audiences with his powerful performances on both stage and screen and is lauded for his dynamic range and emotional depth. Trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, Dolloso’s career began in Sydney, where he shined in productions such as “A Quiet Night in Rangoon” and “Coup D’eTat.” Transitioning to film, he garnered critical acclaim for his roles in “In Heaven They Sing Karaoke” and “Sushi Noh.”

Known for his versatility and depth, Dolloso continues to be a sought-after actor, recently starring in the web series Trumpet Player.  Off-screen, he is an advocate for Filipino-Australian creatives.

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