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Trumpet Player 2023: Web Series 

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By: Joanna Saavedra

Filipino-Aussie director Felino Dolloso’s new creation, a web series called TRUMPET PLAYER, is now available on YouTube. The web series follows the life of a trumpet player, portrayed by Felino Dolloso himself. The story unfolds in a city where Felino’s character appears to be an outsider navigating a foreign city. It captures the beauty of solitude through sweeping shots of the main character wandering around the city, finding solace in the busy streets of the city.

Dolloso’s character conveys the tranquility that comes from being alone, making the audience feel the depth of his connection to both his instrument and the foreign land he calls home. The absence of dialogue in most of the scenes speaks volumes, allowing the audience to connect with the deep quiet that often accompanies solitude. It becomes a powerful tool in conveying the Trumpet Player’s journey.

Trumpet Player trailer

Cinematographer Ferry Lie’s film captures the nuanced emotions of solitude, from the vast, lonely landscapes to the intimate close-ups that expose the vulnerability of the main character.

One of the iconic scenes from TRUMPET PLAYER is in episode 10: Stairway, where it just shows a vast stairway that is seemingly endless, creating a sense of awe and mystery.

Trumpet Player is a beautifully written masterpiece that elevates solitude into an art form. With Dolloso’s intelligent storytelling and captivating performances, the web series invites the audience to embrace the solitude that can become a source of peace and happiness within. It is a celebration of self-discovery in the midst of living as an outsider.

In an interview with the director, when asked about the origin of the film’s idea, he shared that the concept initially sparked during a shopping trip at Aldi supermarket a couple of years ago, where he encountered a trumpet for sale in one of the middle aisles, finding it intriguing. So, he started writing a narrative centered around an individual aspiring to learn to play the trumpet. Around the same time, he observed an increasing number of homeless individuals in Sydney, and he wanted to incorporate this societal issue into his narrative. As he delved deeper into the storyline, he stumbled upon a fascinating detail: the trumpet being played by an angel to start the rapture. This revelation inspired him to reimagine his story, focusing on what could happen if an angel sent to Earth to observe humanity was tasked with playing the trumpet. Throughout this creative journey, the director emphasized his desire for the main character to embody empathy and be comfortable alone in a place where it seems like you’re an outsider—the same feeling as an expat away from their home.

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If you haven’t watched it yet, watch the ten episodes below or on YouTube.

If you’re interested in his other work, you can check out his Theatre Credits, which include Coup D’etat with Bakehouse Theatre, A Quiet Night in Rangoon in New Theatre, House at Boundary Road with Sydney Fringe Theatre, Cabesang Tales with Knights of Jose Rizal Theatre, and Empress of China with Belvoir St Theatre.

His television credits include Upright, Better Man, Maximum Choppage, House of Hancock, Hyde and Seek, Spirited, Spirited 2, All Saints MRU, and Answered by Fire.

His film credits include Balibo, Mother Fish, Candy, Ra Choi, Survive or Die, The Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man, Suppose the Night Tasted Like Sugar, Seeing the Elephant, Callabona Red, and the Devil’s 6 Commandments, The Fence, It’s about Survival, Immigrants and Cigarettes, Let’s Shoot Max instead, The Dealer, Sushi Noh, and In Heaven They Sing Karaoke.

ASSIGNMENT – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 1
TASTE TEST – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 2
PRACTICE RUN – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 3
EVERYONE – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 4
CITY LIGHTS – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 5
DILEMMA – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 6
SECOND THOUGHT – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 7
I AM – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 8
TRUMPET PLAYER – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 9
STAIRWAY – Trumpet Player Series – Episode 10

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