Statement of Mr Darryl Johnson on the completion of his term as Philippine Honorary Consul to South Australia


Hello everyone

It has been a great honour and privilege to be the Honorary Consul in South Australia and to serve the Filipino community but my term finishes on the 30th November 2021.

I would like to thank all the Filipino associations and everyone that has supported me during my four years. I have made many friends and I hope I have helped and supported the people in the community successfully. I have seen the community adapt, grow and evolve and there are many exciting things happening right now.

It has been a big year in my office seeing over 1,500 people and over 7,000 inquiries and a growing number of functions to attend.

There will be no Consul until another one is appointed. Consular services can be done through Melbourne (email:

If there is anything you need to be completed urgently for example, SPA or an NBI check, contact me by email but there is not much time left as my last day will be the 29th.

I still will be involved in the community and will always support the Filipino community in any way I can. Please share.

Thank you.

Darryl Johnson
Consul, a.h.


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