Dumapias group forms new coalition of community organisations in Victoria


There is a new umbrella body of Filipino organisations in Victoria called Council of Australian Filipino Organizations of Victoria Inc. (CAFOVI). It was registered with the Consumer Affairs Victoria on 5 June 2019.

The group of Marithes Dumapias has announced its plan to form a new coalition after Marlon De Leon and his group won the majority seats of the Filipino Community Council of Victoria’s (FCCVI) compromised election.

In a statement released to the media, the Dumapias’ group said: “Following the Election on 26th of May 2019, we accept the outcome and acknowledge the newly-elected Officers of FCCVI.  However, though it is legally binding, we cannot live with the moral implications of continuing to be in the same organization. Hence, we are announcing the birth of a new coalition of like-minded, dynamic and progressive community organizations.”

The breakaway group welcomes organisations that would like to join them as they move forward.

“We will continue to support our Elderly Communities and be an alliance of community organizations eager to see change and leave behind the stigma of FCCVI,” the Statement stated.

Purposes of the CAFOVI

1. To represent the Filipino community member-organizations in Victoria and serve as their umbrella organization with the following functions:

  • To be an active partner of the Australian Government and other agencies in providing Filipino-Australians with different services;
  • To be the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) access to ethnic community services;
  • To support activities and programs that will promote harmony, cooperation and good working relationships between agencies and other ethnic communities.

2. To provide and ensure equitable access and utilization of aged care services for the Filipino-migrants in Victoria.

  • To provide a culturally sensitive, person-centred and quality services to Filipino elderlies;
  • To comply with the requirements and standards set out by funding bodies, both Commonwealth and State Departments;
  • To offer the available Aged Care Programs with the different agencies and relevant stakeholders.

3. To undertake other community services and humanitarian activities for Filipinos and Australian-Filipinos in Victoria;

4. To promote and preserve the Filipino cultural heritage.

5. To uphold the rights and advance the interests of its members.

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