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Exciting job opportunities for Filipinos living in Australia

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It is misleading to call the Filipino population living in Australia a ‘community’. With roughly 300,000 immigrants from the Philippines living in Australia and almost 2% of Australians being of Filipino descent, Australian Filipinos are much more than a community today. Furthermore, this demographic group is one of the most integrated and involved in Australian social and political life these days. With that in mind, this unique group also has its characteristics, traditions and customs, worth preserving at an effort.

That’s why it is important for Filipinos living in Australia, whether immigrants or natives, to know how to use their ethnicity in their favor. One issue constantly preoccupying us these days is the ability to find a steady and stable source of income in the post COVID-19 days, when the disease is becoming less of a health issue but remaining an economic issue. So, how can your Filipino background turn into an advantage when looking for work? We’ve gathered some interesting options here for you.

Aid organisations

From day one of the relationship between Australia and the Philippines, a prominent component has been the humanitarian aid provided by the former to the latter. We’re talking mainly about relief granted after natural disasters caused by weather, but not only. This aid comes from institutional sources related to the Australian government, as well as from non-governmental organisations and private associations.

These bodies are always looking for Tagalog speakers and natives of the Philippines to be a part of the effort to assist. While the pay is not always the highest, you can expect a full-time position and a steady job since these organisations are backed by substantial funds. Plus, there is a lot of satisfaction in this type of work, knowing you help those who are most in need.

Sometimes the impact on other humans is worth more than money. PHOTO: Avel Chuklanov | Unsplash

Online marketing

If there’s something we’ve learned from the year of the pandemic, it is that almost anything can be shifted to the virtual world. Marketing and advertising, in that sense, is no exception. “We’ve seen a rise in demand for our services throughout the past year,” said Samuel Adams, managing director of the global digital advertising firm Promo Leads, “but especially in recent months.”

In that sense, being bilingual is a great advantage. Businesses catering globally are always looking for new markets, and for people to help them reach those markets and cross a language barrier. It’s not just about knowing another language, though. If you know enough about the Filipino tradition, mindset and society, you can put that knowledge to use as a marketer – whether directly employed or as a freelancer.

Lead generation

Another marketing method recently gaining popularity worldwide is lead generation. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it means the ability to use both modern and traditional marketing tools in the sales process. A lead generator will probably campaign online to spark the interest of potential clients but will complete the sales process via phone or email. 

This, too, is a good opportunity for you if you know more than one language. As Adams explained, “we at Promo Leads are always interested in working with bilingual freelance marketers. Our platform is used to collect leads online and speaking two mother tongues can be a clear benefit in this process.”

Language tutoring

You’d be surprised how much demand there is in Australia for Tagalog teachers. Many Australians doing business with people in the Philippines are eager to know the local language, because, well, business is done better this way. But it’s not just them. A lot of families with Filipino descent insist on teaching Tagalog to their children, so they won’t forget where they came from (and you probably know that it’s not just something you can just learn online).

Even teaching can be done online. Photo: Ryan Mendoza | Unsplash

And if the Australian market isn’t enough for you, language instruction is also something which can be done online these days, so there are endless employment possibilities around the globe. You can also go the other way around and teach English to people residing in the Philippines, who are planning on immigrating in the future. 

Final thoughts

For years, being an immigrant (or coming from a family of immigrants) was sadly perceived as a disadvantage when looking for work. Now, with the internet being a bridge over pretty much every barrier, you can turn that supposed minus into a plus on your behalf. You just need to know where to look, and we hope we’ve helped you with that.

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